The Festival Series in Malta: PokerListings Championship Day 1b Ignites Fierce Competition

The Festival Series in Malta: PokerListings Championship Day 1b Ignites Fierce Competition

The PokerListings Championship event at The Festival Series in Malta entered its second starting day with great anticipation. The Portomaso Casino was abuzz with activity, hosting a variety of tournaments, but the spotlight was firmly on the prestigious PokerListings Championship. All eyes were eager to see who would emerge as the successor to Colin Lovelock, the reigning champion from the previous event held in Nottingham

Day 1a had seen 89 entries, and by the end of the day, only 13 players managed to survive the intense competition. Day 1b was expected to draw an even larger crowd, and it certainly lived up to that promise. Excitement filled the air as more players joined the tournament, adding to the already electrifying atmosphere. 

As the cards were dealt and the chips shuffled, the players battled it out with determination and skill. With the prestige of becoming the next PokerListings Championship titleholder on the line, every hand carried significant weight. 

The stage was set for a memorable showdown as the participants vied for their spot in poker history. The Festival Series in Malta was shaping up to be an exhilarating journey filled with low- mid- and high-stakes action and unforgettable moments. 

Day 1b off to a good start 

The second starting day of The Festival Series commenced at 16:00 local time with a significant number of players already pre-registered. With numerous package holders and passionate poker enthusiasts arriving in Malta the day before, it was anticipated to be a bustling event, and it certainly lived up to expectations with a total of 126 entries. 

Following the impressive performance of the Swedes on Day 1a, securing the top three spots, they continued to dominate on Day 1b, as many of them successfully advanced to the second day. The local Maltese players also joined in full force, adding to the electric atmosphere and promising an exciting showdown. 

Among the participants were Noelia Ivars, Bjorne Lindberg, Leif Iversen, Bart Kuiper, Gerianne Dijkstra, Jacob Matthews, Andrea Stellato, Carlo Solazzo, Ylva Thorsrud, and Raphael Toledo. While some of them, unfortunately, bowed out before the day's conclusion, the mentioned Swedish players showcased their tenacity and resilience, persevering like true Vikings. 

The stage is now set for the following days of the PokerListings Championship, with the remaining players eagerly looking forward to testing their skills and luck in this highly anticipated poker event. 

Important information:  

Players who will resume playing on Day 2, will be starting with blinds 2k/4k and an ante of 4k. Remember, all players who reach Day 2, will already be in the money.  

Day 1c Tuesday May 16th 16:00 CET 
Day 2 Wednesday May 17th 13:00 CET 

Day 1b Chip Counts:  

#3  BLASCHKE MANUEL 340,000 
#4  KIM WOOSEUNG 325,000 
#7  TIMA VAHUR 234,000 
#8  GAINES GLEN 217,000 
#10  SPITERI SAVIOUR 174,000 
#11  OSTHUS NICHOLAS 152,000 
#12  WILKINSON JOSEPH 134,000 
#13  NOSTDAHL STIAN 105,000 
#14  IVARS RICO NOELIA 103,000 
#16  ENSINK PAULA 71,000 

PokerListings Championship 2023 Day 1b Vibes

Photo credits - The Festival Series

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