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Tennis ball Roland Garros

The game of tennis is often referred to as ‘the sport of kings’, for a number of reasons. For one, the original version of the game was played by the elites of society, and many still consider it to be an elite sport to this day. However, the fact of the matter is that tennis can be played by anyone from any background. Indeed, the modern game of tennis is played and recognised throughout the world and on every continent.

Tennis is also a challenging sport for sports bettors, and includes a wide range of betting types, and an interesting sports strategy. Unlike many other sports, tennis can be played on a variety of surfaces, including the clay court, the grass court and the hard court. All of these factors can play a critical role in the outcome of the match, and in turn, influence your betting decisions considerably.

However, that said, tennis is nevertheless very accessible and accommodating to all levels of sports betting experience, from complete novice through to serious pro bettors. If you’ve been wandering about tennis and how to go about betting in tennis matches, this simple and thorough guide to tennis betting is the perfect starting point on your journey.

Tennis Quick-Facts

  • Tennis provides a number of excellent betting opportunities.
  • Tennis is played on a variety of surfaces including clay, grass and hard courts.
  • Tennis can be played indoors or outdoors and is open to men, women, children and teams of pairs or ‘doubles’. Doubles can be made up of men, women or mixed.
  • The structure of tennis makes it an interesting sport for applying strategies to.
  • Handicap bets are popular in Tennis betting.

Tennis – Essential Strategies and Bets

Novak Djokovic about to serve

Tennis is quite a unique sport compared to many other sports that you can bet on at your betting provider. The structure is unique and consists of:

  • Short games (consisting of 4 points each)
  • Longer sets (consisting of up to 7 games per set)
  • Match, which is made up of up to 5 sets for men’s tennis and up to 3 sets for women’s tennis.

There are many factors that should determine your betting strategy for tennis, including:

  • The court surfaces
  • The ranking of each player
  • The player’s strengths and weaknesses (including court surface preference)
  • Their current fitness level (can they go the distance?) and other factors.

Tennis can be played by individual players or in pairs, which can be made up of men only, women only or mixed doubles. These are additional factors that will affect your tennis betting picks, which is one of the reasons that tennis is always a fixture on live betting platforms.

Tennis Betting Strategy #1 – Favourite or Underdog?

Tennis is almost unique in creating heroes and underdogs, and both are often supported in equal measure. In tennis betting, support the obvious choice – the favourite is extremely popular. However, the sure thing always comes with a price, that being lower odds for a safe bet. On the other hand, betting on the outsider, the maverick to win is a long shot bet in most cases. The reward for taking the chance on the long shot? Much higher odds. In tennis, anything can happen and there have been many an upset in a championship final that can attest to that fact. When approaching the favourite/underdog bet, be sure to do your homework on each players form, including their recent past performance record.

Tennis Betting Strategy # 2 – Shopping Around

Sofia Kenin win in Melbourne

Tennis is massively popular and is certainly among the top 5 most popular sports in the world. This means that virtually all online betting providers will feature an excellent selection of tennis betting lines. It also means that they compete with each other quite heavily to capture their share of the betting market. Shopping around for the best tennis betting odds (prices) on any international tennis event is therefore not only easy, but essential to your long-term tennis betting strategy. Always have at least 5 top sportsbooks on hand, so that you can always find the best value in the most interesting tennis betting markets available.

Tennis Strategy #3 – Statistics are Your Friend

Tennis is a game of numbers and statistics. A tennis match consists of a certain number of games and sets. Each game consists of 4 points, which is the fine edge of how the winner of the match is decided. Statistics are easily available, both from your betting provider and the internet at large. Useful statistics such as:

  • How many aces a specific player makes on average during a tennis match
  • How many games are won off of aces?
  • The number of unforced errors committed by players
  • Number of double faults
  • Game or set breaks
  • Performance stats on different court surfaces

The above is just an example of the kind of statistics you can use to influence your tennis betting strategy on a match by match basis. The more you know about the players involved and their current performance stats, the better or more informed your betting will be.

Tennis Betting FAQ

  • Can I bet on tennis live?

    Yes, you can. In fact, tennis is one of the most popular sports for live betting. Simply navigate to your live betting (In-Play) betting platform and find the live tennis fixtures. You will also be able to enjoy live streaming of tennis matches from your betting provider.
  • Which Betting provider is best for tennis betting?

    It depends, not all online betting providers will focus everything on tennis. Some sports betting providers will focus on soccer, while others might focus on American football or basketball. The best thing to do is shop around and try out as many good sports betting providers as you can to find the best providers for tennis betting.
  • Can I bet on tennis from my mobile?

    Yes, you can. All good betting providers will provide the same betting experience on desktop or on mobile. You will even be able to find great live tennis betting markets on your mobile device.

Final Thoughts on Tennis Betting

Tennis is about as far from a boring sport as you’ll find and, if you’ve never watched a full tennis match (let alone bet on it), you really are missing out. Tennis can be extremely dynamic and often produces major upsets and surprises. This makes tennis one of the most exciting, challenging, and ultimately rewarding sports to bet on. Try betting on tennis right now at one (or more) of our recommended tennis betting providers.

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