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There is no such thing as a guaranteed win, however, with the right strategy you will lower the risk of mistakes and errors of judgement that could lead to you making a losing bet. The burning question is, do betting strategies work? Seasoned bettors know that by making use of tried and tested betting strategies, they are able to significantly increase their profit probability. In this guide we explain what these strategies are, which strategies best fit specific scenarios, and which factors you need to consider when choosing and implicating a strategy. In addition to naming and explaining these popular strategies, you can also expect expert tips along the way which will assist in increasing your strategic betting knowledge.

Betting Strategies Quick-Facts

  • Strategies increase the likelihood of success
  • Newbies are less likely to make beginner mistakes
  • Professional bettors will maximise profits
  • Consider outside factors and frameworks
  • Open multiple betting accounts
  • Take advantage of bonuses

The Importance of Strategies

Implementing the right strategy has the power to make or break your potential success when it comes to betting. The exact strategy you make use of will depend on you, as everyone is different and what works for you may not work for another, and vice versa. There are many different factors behind this, but to summarise, it comes down to your psyche and how you play. For instance, if you are willing to put in the work or if you want quicker results, and so on. However, the goals of each strategy should remain the same: minimising the risk while maximising profits.

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If you are new to the game, then you should be sure to focus on money management and protecting your capital as best as possible. A good starting point for this is being aware of just how valuable research and experience is when it comes to betting. This is definitely worth mentioning as a lot of rookie errors boil down to misinterpretations and a lack of information. This overall understanding is what separates the ordinary players from professionals. Since their aim is to increase long-term profits, diverse approaches are adopted and keeping their knowledge updated through various and frequent research methods. Besides adopting a strategy, expert players learn to adapt systems in order to increase their efficiency.

Even so, be sure that you are prepared to face losses because it is inevitable that they will happen from time to time. The goal is to learn from your lost bets and do better rather than feel disheartened and demotivated. The key is to always think about the long-term, which means putting in the work and becoming as knowledgeable as you can with consistent research efforts.

Choosing the Right Strategy

A strategy that can be considered as the right one for you will depend on various factors, as mentioned before. Here we will explain a few of the most important aspects that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the strategy that is right for you. The following list is to illustrate how you can begin choosing a strategy that works for you, as these are factors to be aware of and consider before making your choice:

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Betting budget: When considering money management, one of the first questions that you need to ask yourself is: “How much do you want to invest sports betting?” Note the use of the word “invest”, as, in order to be truly successful, you need to think of the long-term. This means that you might not see immediate returns, especially as a beginner. Your budget will impact the size of your wagers.

Betting provider: Your choice of bookmaker is an important one because the odds and the portfolio from one bookmaker will differ from the next. Besides these, other differing factors include bonus offers, terms and conditions, and more. This is why comparing a betting provider with another should be a key part of your choice – you will also more likely find the best offer when doing so.

Extra costs: Examples of additional costs include betting tax or bookmaker fees. Knowing the ins and outs of your provider’s terms and conditions, as well as, keeping track of betting transactions for tax purposes.

Betting types: Each type of bet comes with its own pros and cons. For instance, single bets are known for their chances of success vs. accumulator bets that are enjoyed due to higher odds.

Tips to Add to Any Strategy

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In order to not only ensure that best offers like you would through comparison, having multiple accounts means that you are not limited to one provider’s odds, availability, promotions, etc. This makes absolutely sure that you have access to the best odds.

When you spot a good-looking quota, be sure to go for it as the windows to attractive odds tend to close quickly. This is another reason why having several accounts is a good idea – you will have numerous chances to uncover good odds. Also, odds that receive more traffic tend to get lowered by the bookmaker.

When it comes to bonus offers, once you have read the terms, it is recommended that you accept unless the requirements are impossible to achieve. Welcome offers tend to be the most lucrative offers which is another reason to have several accounts. Always provide your bookmakers with your contact information so that you never miss out on promotions and bonus offers.

Popular Betting Strategies

It would take you a quite a while to sift through the large number of strategies online. This is why we have compiled a list of the most popular systems for you. Followed by a brief explanation of each, you can find extensive guides for each of these strategies on our site should you wish to learn more.

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Over/Under – This strategy is one that can be used in many sports. As one of the most used betting systems out there this strategy is pretty straightforward. It is important to predict the number of points or goals will be scored during the game. This system begins with the bookmaker stating a number and you estimating whether the actual amount is above (over) or below (under). This is often a simple bet with just two outcomes which means that you have a high chance of winning. Through the use of statistics, sports knowledge, and other research data you then need to try to place a successful bet.

Double Chance – This strategy typically applies to 3-way bets and is a good option for beginner bettors that do not yet have much experience. Usually you get three possible outcomes of a game: a win, draw or loss. Even with the best intentions and well-founded research it is possible to lose since success is not guaranteed in sports betting. When using this strategy, you can place bets on two outlets – hence the name. This makes the chances of your success double and reduces the risk level significantly.

(Asian) Handicap – When it comes to this strategy, you get two existing teams with one of them possessing an advantage over the other team. In other words, the bookmaker provides a betting option that presents different strengths or circumstances. For instance, if the handicap was 0:1 with the visiting team having the imaginary lead of one goal. In the Asian version, you will receive your money back during the case of a draw.

Favourite/Underdog – Some of the most exciting games of all time have been between a favourite to win and an unexpected opponent. When it comes to sports betting, this can be an interesting and lucrative strategy. The favourite and outsider bet can both be played in this strategy. Although lucrative, this system requires a lot of planning and consideration. It is not just a case of choosing between a favourite and higher betting opportunity, there is more to it and other factors to consider just like with any other strategies – there is more than just the steps of the system to consider.

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Betting Strategies – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What about live betting?

    When it comes to the question of whether or not a live betting strategy should be included among other strategy recommendations – the answer is a little complicated. This is because adopting a successful live betting strategy is up to your willingness to go above and beyond to essentially learn a new skill. This can prove to be a tall order if you are not naturally adept at predicting the next step in a live game or if you do not already have a certain level of expertise when it comes to analysing individual teams in detail. This is why is depends on your level of know-how, as well as, your willingness to invest more time and effort than you normally would in a betting system.
  • What is the safest sports betting strategy?

    There are no guaranteed results which means that no security can be promised when it comes to sports betting. The only time that safety can be promised is if the match is fixed. In other words, we cannot identify the safest strategy as it depends on how you use the system and our tips to minimise your risk of suffering a loss.
  • What is the best strategy?

    There is no blanket response to this question as every user is different and earns varying results while using different strategies as there are many factors that condition the strategy that suits you best. When it comes down to choosing a betting strategy, there are many things that you need to consider, things like your level of knowledge, your goals, and level of risk you are willing to take. This is how there can be such a thing as the best strategy for you.
  • What is the best beginner strategy?

    For beginners just starting out, strategies that are less risky are best. The less likely you are to suffer big losses the better as that is a quick way to become demotivated. A good example of a suitable bet for new bettors would be a single bet as they give you the best chance of winning. This is why it is recommended that if you are trying to get into the world of sports betting that, until you improve your level of knowledge and skill, you should hold off on harder bets like system bets.
  • Can these strategies be used while using a smartphone?

    Mobile betting is very possible which means that you can place bets anytime and anywhere. Just like the world of gambling, sports betting is no longer limited to desktops. Most bookmakers are available for play on the go. This is possible due to betting providers having mobile versions of their sites or at times a downloadable app.

Final thoughts: Strategies – Increase Your Chances of Success

With the use of the right betting strategy you will not only be able to minimise losses, but you will also be able to increase your profits which is every bettor’s goal. This means that every successful player or bettors that hope to be successful should have a strategy. The question of which strategy depends on many factors, as well as, what you want out of your betting journey. Besides these, factors such as your budget, provider, and more have an adverse effect on which formula you should follow while you place your bets. The most popular betting strategies are the ones that we have listed (double chance, over/under, favourite/underdog, and handicap), however, there are many other promising systems. Be sure that you are as informed as possible when it comes to the various strategies as you should find the optimal fit for you.