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Sunday Scoop: Joao M., $kill Game Win Big on Double Vision Weekend

Joao M., $kill Game, Akademnuk and Chris “Run dat Game” Lovett all made huge scores during Double Vision Sunday on PokerStars this weekend.

As part of Double Vision Sunday both the Sunday Million and Sunday Warm-Up ran twice meaning grinders had access to over $4 million in prizepools in just those four tournaments.

Here’s a complete breakdown of the biggest tournaments that were held online yesterday:

Ana Marquez

Ana Marquez

PokerStars Sunday Million

The first Sunday Million held on Sunday was also the biggest with 8,027 players creating a massive $1.6-million prizepool.

A total of 1,170 players were paid in the tournament including Team PokerStars Pros Jose Barbero, Pius Heinz, Fatima de Melo and Victor Ramdin.

Ana Marquez, who recently finished second in a WSOP event, was the last Team Pro standing as she finished 125th for $1,204.

Russian Akademnuk entered the final table as one of the shortest stacks but wasted no time immediately doubling up through the chip leader.

Akademnuk would eventually take the chip lead into heads-up play against German opponent Kabira. The pair quickly settled on a two-way deal before the heads-up match began.

In the end Akademnuk won a tournament-deciding coinflip with Ace-Jack over Kabira’s pocket fives.

Here are the complete final-table payouts (*reflects two-way deal):

  • 1st place: Akademnuk (Russia) - $219,425.24*
  • 2nd place: Kabira (Germany) - $197,982.81*
  • 3rd place: sebbau (Germany) - $120,405.00
  • 4th place: birdyfcn (Germany) - $80,912.16
  • 5th place: Slagteren (Denmark) - $64,216.00
  • 6th place: OBigO (UK) - $48,162.00
  • 7th place: Flamboyantz (Netherlands) - $32,108.00
  • 8th place: Brankerr (Netherlands) - $18,462.10
  • 9th place: ROFLshove (Australia) - $12,441.85
Dag Palovic

Dag Palovic

PokerStars Sunday Million II

Brazilian Joao M. outlasted 5,957 players to win the Sunday Million II for $147,233 yesterday.

The second Sunday Million of the day attracted Team PokerStars Pros Liv Boeree, Ana Marquez, Bryan Huang, Fatima De Melo, Martin Staszko and Dag Palovic.

Joao M. entered the final table as the chip leader and dominated all the way to heads-up play where he was tied with wesko78.

The deadlock didn’t last long as Joao M. won the very first hand they played for 14.5 million chips.

In the final hand of the tournament Joao M. flopped trips with Jack-Eight and then rivered quads to easily win both the pot and the tournament.

Here’s a complete look at the final-table payouts (*reflects six-way deal):

  • 1. Joao M. (Brazil) $147,233.14*
  • 2. wesko78 (Ireland) $126,468.36*
  • 3. hkbben (Australia) $60,563.10*
  • 4. Racus (Netherlands) $74,096.13*
  • 5. Code Red 666 (Canada) $80,014.59*
  • 6. guth888 (Germany) $84,869.58*
  • 7. Versace777 (Germany) $26,210.80
  • 8. ciulbuonelis (Lithuania) $14,892.50
  • 9. RichieRichZH (Switzerland) $9,292,92

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up

East Coast grinder Chris “Run dat Game” Lovett smashed his way through a 3,284-player field to win $95k in the Sunday Warm-Up.

Shane Schleger

Shane Schleger

The first Sunday Warm-Up of the day drew numerous Team PokerStars Pros including Lex Veldhuis, Humberto Brenes, Vicky Coren, Angel Guillen, Jose Barbero and Shane Schleger.

Lovett entered the final table as the chip leader with 9 million chips and true to his online name he ran the game.

Lovett was still leading the final table but decided to make deal with three players left. Lovett got the most but there was still $10,000 for the eventual winner.

In the final hand of the tournament Lovett flopped middle-set to bust Elmagico19A1 in second place.

Here’s a look at the final-table payouts (*reflects three-way deal):

  • 1. Chris "Run dat Game" Lovett (Mexico) $95,661.42*
  • 2. Elmagico19A1 (Netherlands) $65,111.67*
  • 3. TMMPOKPOK (Germany) $73,377.19*
  • 4. nezamr (United Kingdom) $37,766.00
  • 5. dekat15 (Netherlands) $27,914.00
  • 6. elpipsi87 (Belgium) $21,346.00
  • 7. schmette (Germany) $14,778.00
  • 8. GeoManousos (Greece) $8,210.00
  • 9. HEMIpowerSWT (Costa Rica) $5,254,40
Martin Staszko

Martin Staszko

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up II

The second Sunday Warm-Up of the day actually proved to be bigger than the first with 3,871 players creating a $774,200 prizepool.

Online player $kill Game, who made some notable scores during the last WCOOP, would win the tournament for $114k.

Jonathan Duhamel, Andre Akkari, Maxim Lykov, Johnny Lodden and Mickey Petersen all played the tournament but 2011 WSOP Main Event runner-up Martin Staszko was the last Team PokerStars Pro standing when he finished 30th.

$kill game entered the final table second-to-last in chips but it didn’t matter as he put on a clinic on his way to the first place finish.

Here’s a complete look at the final-table payouts (*reflects two-way deal):

  • 1st $kill Game (Canada) - $114,191.11*
  • 2nd ElEvil (Canada) - $97,941.04*
  • 3rd leopeluca (Argentina) - $63,871.50
  • 4th Olorionek (Poland) - $44,516.50
  • 5th Ramux (Panama) - $32,903.50
  • 6th reanimatorY (Serbia) - $25,161.50
  • 7th TOYOT111 (Russia) - $17,419.50
  • 8th vogia88 (Greece) - $9,677.50
  • 9th 4betUr3bet (Austria) - $6,193.60

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