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If you are just starting out with online sports betting, understanding how accumulator or system betting works can be very intimidating. However, the single bet strategy is by far the easiest and fastest way that you can start betting right now, with little to no experience needed. Our easy guide to using the single betting option will show you how the single bet works and how you can implement right away.

Single Bet Quick-Facts

  • Simple bet that you can use on any single event.
  • Single bets offer very low risk.
  • Single bets can include 2 way bets or even 3 way bets.
  • Can be found at any online sports betting provider.
  • Great introduction to sports betting.

Single Bet Breakdown

Single betting is simple to understand and is the basis for many betting strategies. It is especially ideal for novices who do not yet have the experience to take on more complex, and therefore, more risky betting options. The single bet of the day is also great if you prefer low risk, casual sports betting or where you still need to build up a solid betting bankroll.

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The single bet is very easy to place. All you need to do is visit your betting provider (once you’ve signed up with one), pick a sporting event, look for good value markets and place your single bet on an available event.

You will find single bets available on a wide range of markets and sporting types, with football (soccer) being one of the biggest and the most common. A single bet can thus be placed on a simple market such as the outcome or outright winner of a football match.

Single bets can come in a number of different options, making your single betting strategy interesting and diverse. Two of the most common single betting types are:

  • 2 way bets (two-way)
  • 3 way bets (three-way)

The only main difference in the above examples of single bets is in what you can bet on. With a 2 way single bet, you choose one of two options to win. With the 3 way single bet, you choose one of three options – home, draw or away to win. Another way to put that is, with a 2-way single bet you choose win or lose. With a 3-way single bet you choose win, draw or lose.

Working out single bet win profit

Working out your profits when using this simple betting type adds additional functionality to your single bet strategy. Your single bet calculator for betting profit off a single bet starts with how high the odds for that bet are. The higher the odds, the more profit you could potentially make.

Odds are set by the individual betting site and, unlike more complex bets such as accumulators (ACCA’s) or system bets, working out your potential profit off a single bet is relatively easy to do.

100m start

Begin with a simple formula for working out profit on a single bet:

Your stake x Posted odds = Your potential win total

In other words:

  • Your stake = €100
  • Posted odds = 2.1
  • Win total = €100 x 2.1 = €210

So, as you can see from our quick example, if you win your single bet, you will have a total of €210 coming your way. To work out your net profit on that win, simply deduct your total win from your original stake amount. In this case that would work out to €110 net profit.

Keep in mind that you may have to also calculate for the interest that your bookmaker may add to your bet. This is also referred to as the vigorish and it is usually around 5%.

Single Bet Advantages and Disadvantages

The most obvious single bet advantage is its incredibly attractive simplicity. Virtually anyone, regardless of sports betting experience, can take advantage of a single bet offered by a good online sports betting provider. This is one of the main reasons why you will see single betting options everywhere, and in a number of different formats.

Rider on the Tour de France

Whether you prefer going with a simple two way bet or a slightly more flexible three way bet, single bets will give you plenty of action, with relatively good chance of making a profit. In fact, this is the other big advantage to single bets, you have a high chance of winning without too many conditions attached to the bet.

In other words, single betting types offer a low risk option which you can take advantage of even if you have no prior knowledge of the market. Perhaps the only real disadvantage of the single bet option is its comparatively low odds when compared to other, more complex bets such as system bets or accumulator bets.

So, to summarise the good points of single bets:

  • Good chance of winning your bet
  • Much lower risk than other betting options
  • High profit potential
  • Quick and easy to place
  • No need for experience or a lot of research

Single Bet FAQ

  • Where do I find single bet options?

    Single bet options can be found at just about any good online sports betting provider and in just about any market. The only variation here is the actual offer made by each bookmaker. To find the best odds for a single bet you’ll need to do your research, starting with our in-depth betting provider reviews.
  • Can I place single bets from my mobile device?

    Yes, you can. Single bets are among the most popular of all betting options found at top sports betting sites today. Mobile versions of their betting platforms offer all the best single betting options available.
  • What about bonuses for single bets?

    You will find plenty of bonus offers that include single betting options such as free bets and cash back offers on your first single bets.

Final Thoughts: Single Bet – Quick and easy bet with good profit potential

If you are new to the world of online sports betting and considering single bet vs accumulator, starting out with the single bet option is probably the best way to go. Single bets offer great variety and can be found in a wide range of sporting codes. Single bets are easy to place and require virtually no previous sports betting experience in order for you to see success with them.