SCOOP, XL Inferno, Powerfest: Non-Stop $1m-GTD Tournaments

Sam Trickett is up big in Powerfest.

It just might be the single biggest weekend in the history of online poker.

SCOOP, XL Inferno and Powerfest all conclude this weekend with a staggering 11 different tournaments offering $1m-GTD or more prize pools.

The past week was no slouch either with millions awarded on 888poker, partypoker and PokerStars. Noted pros Sam Grafton, Adrian Mateos, Chance Kornuth and Jonas Mackoff all up titles.

The attention now turns to the weekend where all three series will be concluding with Main Events that each guarantee $1m or more.

There will be a little something for everyone with buy-ins ranging from $11 to $10,000. You can check out a comprehensive schedule of SCOOP, XL Inferno and Powerfest right here.

Meanwhile here’s a look at the past week of online poker and a preview of the biggest upcoming tournaments this weekend:

spud_gun888 Cashes in for $186k in XL Inferno

The biggest tournament on 888poker this week, at least in terms of prize pool, was easily the $5,200 buy-in Super High Roller Chip In.

Fabrizio Gonzalez
Fabrizio Gonzalez

In the end the U.K.’s spud_gun888 outlasted all 121 players to take down a massive $186,300 first-place prize.

Noted Uruguayan pro Fabricio "SixthSenSe19" Gonzalez also factored into the action, finishing in third place for $98,415.

Here’s a complete look at the 888poker SHR final-table results:

  • 1. spud_gun888 - $186,300
  • 2. Kannwas - $129,600
  • 3. Fabrizio “DrMiKee” Gonzalez - $98,415
  • 4. ZeusLAZER - $72,900
  • 5. AlreadyHigh - $48,600
  • 6. Vickktor - $40,500
  • 7. iBotPauseNot - $32,400
  • 8. Robin “Inho” Yitalo - $24,300

Here’s a look at the upcoming big XL Inferno tournaments:

Saturday, May 20

  • XL Inferno 176 $160 buy-in $60,000-GTD 6 Max at 18:00

Sunday, May 21

  • XL Inferno 189 $1,050 buy-in $1,500,000-GTD Main Event at 18:00
  • XL Inferno 190 $160 buy-in $250,000-GTD Mini Main Event at 18:00
  • XL Inferno 191 $30 buy-in $50,000-GTD Micro Main Event at 18:00

Grafton, Sulsky Snag PokerStars SCOOP Titles

It was a busy week on PokerStars with a gaggle of well-known pros winning titles including Sam Grafton, Ben Sulsky, Jonas Mackoff, Chance Kornuth and Kenny "SpaceyFCB" Hallaert.

Ben Sulsky
Ben Sulsky

Arguably the showcase tournament of the week, however, was SCOOP-30-H a $2,100 NLHE 6-Max event, which featured Adrian Mateos and online crusher Anthony “wwwBTHEREcom” Gregg at the final table.

Mateos has accumulated over $8.1 million in live tournament earnings since 2012 including WSOPE, WSOP and PokerStars Championship High Rollers and added $234k to his bankroll by winning SCOOP-30-H.

Meanwhile SCOOP concludes this weekend with three different Main Events totaling nearly $10m in guaranteed prize pools.

Here’s a look at the all-star line-up and payouts for SCOOP-30-H:

  • 1. Adrian "Amadi_017" Mateos (United Kingdom) $234,030.07*
  • 2. Luuk "pokerkluka" Gieles (Netherlands) $202,559.93*
  • 3. LEXER1986 (Ukraine) $138,600.00
  • 4. WATnlos (Germany) $97,020.00
  • 5. Anthony "wwwBTHEREcom" Gregg (Canada) $69,300.00
  • 6. ross_654 (Mexico) $42,580.00

Here's a look at the upcoming big SCOOP tournaments:

Saturday, May 20

  • SCOOP-49-M $215 buy-in $200K GTD NLHE [6-Max] at 10:30
  • SCOOP-49-H $2,100 buy-in $500K GTD NLHE [6-Max] at 10:30

Sunday, May 21

  • SCOOP-01-L: $11 NLHE [Phase 2], $1M Gtd & $100K+ for 1st Place at 12:30
  • SCOOP-55-L: $109 NLHE [Main Event], $1.5M Gtd & $100K+ for 1st Place at 14:00
  • SCOOP-01-M: $109 NLHE [Phase 2], $1.5M Gtd & $150K+ for 1st Place at 12:30
  • SCOOP-55-M: $1,050 NLHE [Main Event], $3M Gtd & $300K+ for First Place at 14:00
  • SCOOP-54-H: $2,100 NLHE [8-Max], $1M Gtd at 11:00
  • SCOOP-01-H: $1,050 NLHE [Phase 2], $5M Gtd & $1M+ for 1st Place at 12:30
  • SCOOP-55-H: $10,300 NLHE [Main Event], $5M Gtd & $1M+ for 1st Place at 14:00

Massive $25k Powerfest SHR Smashes $2m Guarantee

The talk of the week over on partypoker was the gigantic $25,000 buy-in Super High Roller charity tournament and it did not disappoint.


The event attracted 129 entries and easily smashed the $2m-GTD prize pool to $3.2 million.

partypoker ambassadors Sam Trickett and Joao Simao both made the final table before falling in eighth and fifth place respectively.

Trickett picked up $96k for the deep run while Simao earned $193k.

juanpardo99 went to win the tournament for a staggering $660k but thanks to a heads-up deal Chelsea72 won almost as much ($613k).

Roberto Romenello (25th) and Dmitry Urbanovich (30th) also made the money in the contest.

Here’s a complete look at the final-table results for the $25k SHR:

  • 1. juanpardo99 - $660,067
  • 2. Chelsea72 - $613,485
  • 3. dbec077 - $387,000
  • 4. barrm111 - $274,125
  • 5. joaosimaobh - $193,500
  • 6. NoobStalker - $153,187
  • 7. limitless - $121,905
  • 8. SamTrickett - $96,750

Here's a look at the upcoming big Powerfest tournaments:

Saturday, May 20

  • Powerfest #273 $530 buy-in $100K Gtd High Roller at 11:00 (BST)

Sunday, May 21

  • Powerfest #293 $215 buy-in $1 Million Gtd at 19:00 (BST)
  • Powerfest #295 – $1,050 buy-in $1 Million Gtd High Roller at 19:00 (BST)
  • Powerfest #296 – $5,200 buy-in $1 Million Gtd High Roller at 19:00 (BST)

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