Receive Big Rewards Through 888poker’s New Loyalty Program

Receive Big Rewards Through 888poker’s New Loyalty Program

888poker has come a long way since their initial launch back in 2002. They are very innovative and just a couple of weeks ago, we wrote about their new Card Strike promotion which is running on all of their cash games table. They were also able to identify and catch 161 RTA users on their site in 2023, and gave the lost money back to the victims. It’s evident that 888poker cares about their players.

Now, they’re taking the next step to improve the 888poker experience even further. A new loyalty program has been introduced and by visiting the 888poker Club, players can receive appealing rewards by completing certain challenges.

Let’s dissect the 888poker Club loyalty program and see what players can win!

Win Prizes by Completing Challenges

When you visit the 888poker Club, you will see something of a smorgasbord of challenges in front of you. These challenges are many and different; some are related to your favorite 888poker games such as Texas No Limit Hold ‘Em and Pot Limit Omaha, some can be found in the 888casino, while others circulate around 888sports. Some challenges are more difficult than others and naturally, the more time consuming challenges will see you earn more points.

Once you’ve earned enough points, you will reach a new level. In all new levels, new challenges will be presented to you, and every time you level up you will receive gold tokens. These gold tokens can then be redeemed for various prizes.

Sometimes when you level up, you’ll also unlock bonus levels. Through these, you can earn yourself even more prizes and bonuses, so these levels are surely something to get excited for.

One of the prizes up for grabs is entries for the exclusive 888poker Club Tournaments. In these 888poker freerolls, more than $100,000 will be given away every month, so these are something you certainly want to aim for. You need to reach a certain threshold in order to be able to participate in these tournaments.

Don’t Miss the Card Strike

888poker always tries to be innovative and there’s currently even more promotions running on the site, an example being the aforementioned Card Strike. The Card Strike is one of the reasons that you should enjoy some 888poker cash games.

888poker Card Strike

The promotion works in a simple fashion. You just join your preferred cash game table as you would do any other day. At the top of the table, you will see your Card Strike board. It works similar to a bingo board; you will see selected cards from the deck on the board, and every time you are dealt one of these cards, it will be automatically marked on your board.

If you manage to mark all cards on the board within 25 hands, a spinning wheel will appear on your table. Watch it spin and see what prize you win. If you’re lucky, you can win up to $10,000!

There’s no doubt there’s a lot of interesting going on over at 888poker, and with the new loyalty program, it’s now even more beneficial then before opening up the 888poker tables. Good luck to all players competing over at the “triple eights”!

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