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Poker isn't just being played all over the world, it's being written about as well, and on Saturday 1,337 bloggers came together to show they have what it takes to play the game as well as write about it. Topping them all in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker was LParreira, from Portugal.

It was no easy feat for LParreira to make it to the winner's circle. It took more than eight hours of playing get down to a winner. Nearly five hours of that was spent just getting the playing field whittled down into the first level of prizes.

The first level of prizes started at 81st place with duffel bags and playing cards. At 82 players, the tournament went hand-for-hand to figure out who would be the bubble player. This time it was drunken81.

Even though the bubble had burst, players were still fighting hard to avoid elimination. The prizes for 46th to 81st place were the "travel packages" consisting of duffel bags and playing cards, but at 45th place iPods were on deck as prizes.

Hand-for-hand was implemented again with 46 players left in the tournament, and it was BJAMMIN who took home the last duffel bag and card set. After that, players started dropping a lot faster as the 8GB iPods were up for grabs, then the 80GB iPods, then 160GB iPods.

As the end of the 160GB iPods level was nearing, however, play tightened up considerably again as players were hoping to make it to the Xbox prizes for those who finished in 11th through 18th place.

After all the Xboxes were handed out, there was just one more player who needed to go before final-table play, and the big prizes that went with it, could begin. For making it to 10th place, but not quite making the final table, Kevicool received a copy of all the poker books in the PokerStars FPP store library.

That left a final table of:

  • Seat 1 - ulan-ude, $3,019, 619
  • Seat 2 - LParreira, $2,130,918
  • Seat 3 - NileFever, $2,029,637
  • Seat 4 - Abellyus, $1,384,246
  • Seat 5 - mathwise, $1,247,817
  • Seat 6 - stakaman1962, $878,048
  • Seat 7 - lborba, $1,002,429
  • Seat 8 - fourflushers, $659,824
  • Seat 9 - BoreN =P, $907,462

Coming into the final table, fourflushers was the short stack and he couldn't improve. He ended up all-in with ace-king versus LParreira's pocket queens. There was no help on the board, and fourflushers went home with a luxury poker chip set.

The seventh- and eighth-place finishers were taken out in the same hand as stakaman1962 and BoreN =P both went all-in and got a call from ulan-ude. With pocket jacks, stakaman1962 was looking to triple-up against BoreN =P's pocket sixes against ulan-ude's ace-queen.

However, ulan-ude must have been praying heavily to the poker gods because an ace on the river gave him the win and sent the other two packing.

BoreN =P received a Canon Rebel digital SLR camera for eighth place, while stakaman1962 gets a ticket to the $1,050 Sunday Million.

NileFever was the next to go, with his ace-high being bested by trip eights to leave him in sixth place. He too received a $1,050 Sunday Million ticket as well as a $530 Sunday Million ticket.

Right behind him was Abellyus who ended up all-in with jack-ten against LParreira with king-eight. With a flop of 5-K-K, Abellyus' only hope was to make a straight. A nine on the turn gave him one part of it, but the river brought an ace rather than the savior queen.

He'll get another shot at some big prizes though as he takes home eight tickets to the $215 Sunday Million.

Four-handed play lasted quite a while as the players traded chips back and forth, with no one willing to risk all their chips. Then ulan-ude made his move with ace-king. He and LParreira, holding pocket eights, went all-in before the flop.

Unfortunately for ulan-ude, a flop of 8-3-J nearly sealed his fate. The turn and river were no help either as they brought treys to give LParreira a full house.

Ulan-ude will have a chance to get a lot more live-game practice in, though, with his new poker table and chip set from PokerStars. He also receives a Sunday Million ticket for his fourth-place finish.

Down to three-handed, mathwise and lborba butted heads, going all in after a flop of 9-J-6.

The hand could have spelled the end of mathwise's tournament life. Holding ace-nine, mathwise was behind after the flop against lborba's jack-king.

The turn brought a three, but the river brought a miracle ace, meaning mathwise remained in the running but lborba was severely crippled.

On the very next hand, lborba went all-in pre-flop and LParreira called with pocket jacks. Those jacks survived to stay the best hand against lborba's ace-high. Third place left lborba with a new 24" computer monitor, a Canon Rebel digital SLR camera and a Sony Camcorder.

At the start of heads-up play, mathwise and LParreira both seemed to be trying to play it safe. It still didn't take long for them to find a hand to go all-in on though.

After seeing a flop of 10-9-4, the two ended up all-in with mathwise holding 8-9 and LParreira holding 6-T. A five on the turn and a deuce on the river left LParreira holding the title of World Blogger Champion of Online Poker.

He receives a $12,000 prize package to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in January, which includes the buy-in for the European Poker Tour event as well as money for travel and accommodations. For his second-place finish, mathwise received a 50" plasma screen TV.

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