PokerStars Sunday Storm With $1,000,000 Guarantee on April 24

PokerStars Sunday Storm With $1,000,000 Guarantee on April 24

On April 24, PokerStars will celebrate the 11th anniversary of the Sunday Storm. The tournament is the biggest low-buy-in tournament every Sunday. For the anniversary there is a significantly increased guarantee.

The Sunday Storm Anniversary Edition will retain its low buy-in of $11. But the guaranteed prize pool will be increased to $1,000,000. This makes this tournament one of the biggest low-stakes online poker tournaments of the year.

Knockout Format and Slow Structure

The Sunday Storm Anniversary Tournament will be played in a progressive knockout format. Players kick off the action with 10,000 chips and the blinds increase every 20 minutes during the first few hours. This generous blind structure gives each player plenty of time to register and play.

Each player can re-enter up to five times within the first five hours providing plenty of opportunities to build a monster stack. The tournament is scheduled for two days. It will start on Sunday and finish late on Monday.

Tournament Details Sunday Storm 11th Anniversary

  • Date: April 24 2022
  • Time: 8:05 p.m. CEST
  • Late-Reg: 5 hours
  • Buy-In: $11
  • Guarantee: $1,000,000
  • Re-Entries: Up to 5
  • Format: Progressive Knockout
  • Duration: 42 levels on Day 1 (9:45 hours, until 5:50 CEST on Monday), Day 2 starts on Monday at 20:05 CEST

Even though the buy-in of $11 is already quite low, PokerStars also offers satellites through which you can qualify for the tournament at a lower price:

  • $0.50 Spin & Gos
  • MTT satellites from $0.55
  • $1.10 Mega Satellites
  • $1.50 SNGs
  • Freebuy satellites several times a day (first entry is free, rebuys and add-ons cost $0.11)

Last Year Canceled Due to Technical Problems

Last year, during the 10th anniversary of the Sunday Storm, PokerStars experienced a minor fiasco. After several hours of play, the servers failed and the tournament had to be canceled. At the time, the tournament still had around 25,000 players, but at the same time an overlay of around $350,000.

PokerStars paid out all players according to the "roll forward" rule and also paid the entire overlay. Under this rule, the remaining players received their buy-in of $11 back. Players who had already been eliminated didn't receive anything. The remaining prize money, including the overlay, was distributed according to chip count. Thus, the 25,000 remaining players received an average payout of 40 dollars per player.

It is to be expected that PokerStars has learned from last year's server problems and is now better prepared for a big rush on April 24.

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