PokerStars sees big action on Sunday

What It All Comes Down To

Sundays are always big at PokerStars, but this week was exceptional as the site also tacked on a few special events that saw it promising more than $4 million in guaranteed tournament prizes in one 24-hour period.

Not only were the usual Sunday events on deck May 25, PokerStars also found a new Battle of the Planets champion and put up $1 million for a Turbo Takedown, and Barry Greenstein hosted a Masterclass.

Sunday Million

The biggest winner of the day wasn't necessarily the biggest money winner this week at the end of the Sunday Million. The final three players chopped the prize pool, and even though tapatapa from Brazil got the biggest cut, first place actually went to rythman from Sweden.

The results of the final table were:

Place Name Country Prize
1st rythman Sweden $137,253.56
2nd tapatapa Brazil $139,725.80
3rd KtheKing Brazil $90,758.80
4th Hasuwisp Canada $56,658
5th EvilLondon Sweden $43,302.90
6th jojo1983 United Kingdom $31,027
7th deepak1 Denmark $22,258.50
8th jorgeezy United States $13,490
9th browsef United States $8,363.80

Sunday Warm-Up

The Sunday Warm-Up also finished with a three-way deal this week, but the biggest money in this case did go to the player declared the winner.

Telefonkiosk from Sweden came out on top, although he split the remaining prize pool with WhooooKidd and N1Stunnor, both from the United States, when play got down to three.

The final-table results were:

Place Name Country Prize
1st Telefonkiosk Sweden $82,336.56
2nd WhooooKidd United States $60,222.56
3rd n1stunnor United States $55,336.34
4th andersbisse Denmark $30,530
5th Exsectum Germany $23,935.52
6th Tonimonntana Germany $17,707.40
7th Skalexjung Germany $12,822.60
8th Legendus Netherlands $8,059.92
9th Vegasking Sweden $4,762.68

$1 million Turbo Takedown

Starting this month, PokerStars is adding the $1 million Turbo Takedown to its monthly calendar, offering players a shot at a $1 million prize pool for a buy-in of 5,000 Frequent Player Points.

On Sunday that added up to a $100,000 payday for Schmid189 from Austria. He topped a field of more than 12,000 players who gave up their player points to play, though 4,000 of them also walked away with some cash for their efforts.

The players who made the final table were guaranteed at least $5,500 in cash, getting a return of at least more than the $1 per player point they used to enter.

The final-table results were:

Place Name Country Prize
1st Schmidl89 Austria $100,000
2nd Pokerguden United States $60,000
3rd L_Sprewell Spain $40,000
4th biggboss120 Netherlands $32,500
5th nevada_nl Netherlands $25,000
6th LFmagic United Kingdom $20,000
7th jolan United States $15,000
8th Stompato France $10,000
9th stonz0steel United States $5,500

Barry Greenstein's Masterclass

Barry Greenstein hosted his third Masterclass on Sunday, which offers up a single-table H.O.R.S.E. tournament for players who put up 60,000 FPPs.

Not only do participants play for a $7,500 prize pool, they get to play against Greenstein, who answers questions and shows his hole cards at every opportunity to help players learn more about the game. Players also receive an autographed copy of his book, Ace on the River.

When it's all said and done, PokerStars replays the event with all the hole cards exposed so as many people as possible can see how a master plays as well.

This time around, Greenstein finished in seventh place and it was vectile, a player from the United States, who came out the winner.

"The wife says I'm crazy to waste my FPP vs. you," vectile told Greenstein when the event began, according to PokerStars.

His wife's lack of confidence wasn't enough to keep vectile from a win, though. He takes home $3,750 for first place.

The players who cashed in the event were:

Place Name Country Prize
1st vectile United States $3,750
2nd HipPocket United States $2,250
3rd betgo United States $1,500

Poker fans can watch the replay of the event on PokerStars starting June 1.

Battle of the Planets Triple Shootout

Once a month, PokerStars throws players another big bone - a $50,000 freeroll Triple Shootout for the top 10 players from each of the Battle of the Planets divisions.

The top 81 players get paid in the event and the winner takes in more than $12,000. This month that winner was Gr8DSip from the United States.

The final-table results were:

Place Name Country Prize
1st Gr8DSip United States $12,500
2nd BIGMICKG Ireland $7,000
3rd Rafael_bahia Brazil $4,500
4th basbo Netherlands $3,350
5th david400 United Kingdom $2,735
6th ulmi_diem Germany $2,200
7th jansen222 Netherlands $1,700
8th Kevin_2384 United States $1,200
9th SnM61185 United States $775

The usual other events were on hand as well for the PokerStars Sunday lineup. The $5,200 Freezeout went to westmenloAA, from the United States, who pocketed $65,000. The final-table results of the other regular Sunday tournaments were as follows:

Sunday Hundred Grand

Place Name Country Prize
1st omar miete Paraguay $18,343.06
2nd xLittlemanx United States $9,171.53
3rd JustAplayer2 United States $6,355.71
4th Avsaknad Sweden $4,545.54
5th #6JAM United States $2,735.37
6th HIMSA joe United States $1,830.29
7th Fraenulum United Kingdom $1,468.25
8th Jody'stheman Ireland $1,186.67
9th tomivi Germany $905.09

Sunday Second Chance

Place Name Country Prize
1st HouseeLover Sweden $41,004
2nd fratboy247 United States $29,614
3rd mcnallyville United States $22,780
4th vishnu24 France $17,085
5th JAMES-OO7 Netherlands $11,959.50
6th TaTaTunes United States $9,681.50
7th Eddie7481 United States $7,403.50
8th rakeboy Norway $5,125.50
9th M.O.P. Germany $3,189.20

$215+Rebuy No-Limit Hold'em - $150,000 guaranteed

Based on finishing order and two-way deal.

Place Name Country Prize
1st iamhiv United States $31,069.50
2nd MrCasino United States $31,069.50
3rd drews51 United States $17,754
4th rdcrsn Canada $12,912
5th floes United States $9,684
6th $kill Game United States $8,070
7th ender555 United States $6,456
8th JohnSack Canada $4,842
9th bbbbb33 United States $3,228

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