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PokerStars SCOOP 2022: Over 75 Million Guaranteed

PokerStars SCOOP 2022: Over 75 Million Guaranteed

Spring is coming and for poker players that means mainly one thing: PokerStars' Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) is just around the corner. The tournament series starts in May for the 14th time. Here you find all you need to know about the SCOOP 2022.

This year's SCOOP, will consist of 107 events in three categories each: Low, Medium and High. A total of 318 tournaments will be played from May 8 to June 1. In total PokerStars guarantees a prize money of over 75 million dollars. The three Main Events begin on May 29 and are played over the last four days of the series. These have buy-ins of $109, $1,050 and $10,300, with guarantees of $2.5 million, $4 million and $5 million.

SCOOP 2022 Key Facts

  • Date: May 8 to June 1, 2022

Main Events

  • Date: Sunday, May 29 (4 days of play)
  • Buy-ins: $109, $1,050, $10,300
  • Guarantees: $2.5m, $4m, $5m

PLO Main Events

  • Date: Sunday, May 29 (3 days of play)
  • Buy-ins: $109, $1,050, $10,300
  • Guarantees: $250K, $600K, $800K

Sunday Million Special Editions

May 8

  • Buy-ins: $22, $215, $2,100
  • Guarantees: $275K, $1m, $500K

May 15

  • Buy-ins: $55, $530, $5,200
  • Guarantees: $650K, $1m, $800K

May 22

  • Buy-ins: $55, $530, $5,200
  • Guarantees: $1m, $1m, $800K

Other big events

In addition to the Main Events, there are eight other tournaments during the SCOOP with guarantees of $1 million. These include four of the special editions of the Sunday Million. One of those tournaments (the Sunday Million "Low" on May 22) has a buy-in of just $55 has. The Super High Roller with a buy-in of $25K also has a guarantee of seven figures.

Buy-ins start at just $2.20, so there are tournaments available for every bank roll. There are also numerous qualifiers with which players can satellite into big events for a fraction of the buy-in.

While most SCOOP events are No Limit Texas Hold'em tournaments, the series also offers all other poker variants. Tournaments are available in these variants:

SCOOP promos with $1,000,000 added value

Over more than three weeks, PokerStars is giving away an additional $1,000,000 among players via several promos as part of SCOOP. These promos are available at PokerStars for this year's edition of the tournament series:

SCOOP Pick-A-Box Game

During this year's SCOOP, PokerStars players will be able to pick once a day from one of six boxes to win a SCOOP ticket. Throughout the series, $250,000 worth of tickets will be awarded each week. The game can be found in the challenge window.

SCOOP Leaderboards

Prizes worth a total of $100,000 will be awarded through four SCOOP Leaderboards. These are divided into tournaments in the Low, Medium and High prize categories. In addition, there is one leaderboard for the entire series. Each time a player participates in a SCOOP event, he will receive points for the corresponding leaderboards depending on his placement. The winners of the leaderboard will also receive a SCOOP trophy.

SCOOP Fast Track

An equivalent of $300,000 can be won by players via so-called Fast Track satellites throughout the series. Players can qualify for the Main Events via Fast Track for as little as $0.50. The Fast Track program has four levels with four different tournaments to enter. Players can buy in to each level, but tickets to the Main Event are not awarded until Level 4. PokerStars adds a little value on top here for numerous tournaments, so you can get a Main Event ticket very cheaply through the Fast Track program.

PokerStars SCOOP 2022 Full Schedule

All times are CEST.

08/05 14:05LowNLHE: SCOOP Kickoff$5.50$50,000
08/05 14:05MidNLHE: SCOOP Kickoff$55$200,000
08/05 14:05HighNLHE: SCOOP Kickoff$530$300,000
08/05 16:05LowNLHE: Sunday Warm-Up$11$100,000
08/05 16:05MidNLHE: Sunday Warm-Up$109$350,000
08/05 16:05HighNLHE: Sunday Warm-Up$1,050$400,000
08/05 18:30LowNLHE: Progressive KO, Mini Sunday Million$22$275,000
08/05 18:30MidNLHE: Progressive KO, Sunday Million$215$1,000,000
08/05 18:30HighNLHE: Progressive KO, Sunday HR$2,100$500,000
08/05 19:30LowPLO$11$60,000
08/05 19:30MidPLO$109$150,000
08/05 19:30HighPLO$1,050$250,000
08/05 21:05LowNLHE$3.30$30,000
08/05 21:05MidNLHE$33$125,000
08/05 21:05HighNLHE$320$250,000
08/05 22:30LowNLHE: 7-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Sunday Cooldown$33$150,000
08/05 22:30MidNLHE: 7-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Sunday Cooldown$215$275,000
08/05 22:30HighNLHE: 7-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Sunday Cooldown$1,050$300,000
09/05 18:30LowNLHE$11$125,000
09/05 18:30MidNLHE$109$400,000
09/05 18:30HighNLHE$1,050$500,000
09/05 19:30LowHORSE$22$30,000
09/05 19:30MidHORSE$215$50,000
09/05 19:30HighHORSE$2,100$75,000
09/05 21:05LowNLHE: Progressive KO$5.50$80,000
09/05 21:05MidNLHE: Progressive KO$55$250,000
09/05 21:05HighNLHE: Progressive KO$530$275,000
10/05 16:05LowNLHE$2.20$12,500
10/05 16:05MidNLHE$22$75,000
10/05 16:05HighNLHE$215$100,000
10/05 17:30LowNL 5-Card Draw: Progressive KO$11$15,000
10/05 17:30MidNL 5-Card Draw: Progressive KO$109$17,500
10/05 17:30HighNL 5-Card Draw: Progressive KO$1,050$35,000
10/05 18:30LowNLHE: Super Tuesday$109$300,000
10/05 18:30MidNLHE: Super Tuesday$1,050$500,000
10/05 18:30HighNLHE: Super Tuesday High Roller$10,300$700,000
10/05 19:30LowPLO$11$35,000
10/05 19:30MidPLO$109$85,000
10/05 19:30HighPLO$1,050$225,000
10/05 21:05LowNLHE: Progressive KO$22$100,000
10/05 21:05MidNLHE: Progressive KO$215$200,000
10/05 21:05HighNLHE: Progressive KO$2,100$225,000
10/05 22:30Low6+ Hold'em: 6-Max, Turbo$11$25,000
10/05 22:30Mid6+ Hold'em: 6-Max, Turbo$109$35,000
10/05 22:30High6+ Hold'em: 6-Max, Turbo$1,050$50,000
11/05 17:30LowNLHE: Deep Stacks$11$85,000
11/05 17:30MidNLHE: Deep Stacks$109$200,000
11/05 17:30HighNLHE: Deep Stacks$1,050$150,000
11/05 18:30LowNLHE: 7-Max, Midweek Freeze$55$175,000
11/05 18:30MidNLHE: 7-Max, Midweek Freeze$530$250,000
11/05 18:30HighNLHE: 7-Max, High Roller$5,200$400,000
11/05 19:30LowNLO8: Progressive KO$11$35,000
11/05 19:30MidNLO8: Progressive KO$109$80,000
11/05 19:30HighNLO8: Progressive KO$1,050$125,000
11/05 21:05LowNLHE: Progressive KO$11$80,000
11/05 21:05MidNLHE: Progressive KO$109$250,000
11/05 21:05HighNLHE: Progressive KO$1,050$275,000
12/05 11:05LowNLHE$5.50$15,000
12/05 11:05MidNLHE$55$35,000
12/05 11:05HighNLHE$530$50,000
12/05 17:30LowFLO8: 8-Max$11$15,000
12/05 17:30MidFLO8: 8-Max$109$35,000
12/05 17:30HighFLO8: 8-Max$1,050$50,000
12/05 18:30LowNLHE: Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill$33$200,000
12/05 18:30MidNLHE: Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill$215$500,000
12/05 18:30HighNLHE: Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill$1,050$700,000
12/05 19:30LowStud Hi/Lo$11$12,500
12/05 19:30MidStud Hi/Lo$109$25,000
12/05 19:30HighStud Hi/Lo$1,050$50,000
12/05 21:05LowNLHE: Rebuy$3.30$50,000
12/05 21:05MidNLHE: Rebuy$33$150,000
12/05 21:05HighNLHE: Rebuy$320$200,000
12/05 22:30LowNLHE: 6-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO$11$85,000
12/05 22:30MidNLHE: 6-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO$109$225,000
12/05 22:30HighNLHE: 6-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO$1,050$250,000
14/05 16:05LowNLHE$3.30$50,000
14/05 16:05MidNLHE$33$175,000
14/05 16:05HighNLHE$320$200,000
14/05 17:30Low8-Game$11$20,000
14/05 17:30Mid8-Game$109$50,000
14/05 17:30High8-Game$1,050$65,000
14/05 18:30LowNLHE: Progressive KO, Saturday KO$11$200,000
14/05 18:30MidNLHE: Progressive KO, Saturday KO$109$600,000
14/05 18:30HighNLHE: Progressive KO, Saturday KO$1,050$750,000
14/05 19:30Low5-Card PLO$5.50$20,000
14/05 19:30Mid5-Card PLO$55$75,000
14/05 19:30High5-Card PLO$530$150,000
14/05 21:05LowNLHE$22$100,000
14/05 21:05MidNLHE$215$175,000
14/05 21:05HighNLHE$2,100$250,000
14/05 22:30LowNLHE: 7-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO$11$60,000
14/05 22:30MidNLHE: 7-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO$109$150,000
14/05 22:30HighNLHE: 7-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO$1,050$175,000
15/05 14:05LowNLHE: Sunday Kickoff$11$85,000
15/05 14:05MidNLHE: Sunday Kickoff$109$250,000
15/05 14:05HighNLHE: Sunday Kickoff$1,050$275,000
15/05 16:05LowNLHE: Progressive KO, Sunday Warm-Up$22$200,000
15/05 16:05MidNLHE: Progressive KO, Sunday Warm-Up$215$500,000
15/05 16:05HighNLHE: Progressive KO, Sunday Warm-Up$2,100$500,000
15/05 18:30LowNLHE: Mini Sunday Million$55$650,000
15/05 18:30MidNLHE: Sunday Million$530$1,000,000
15/05 18:30HighNLHE: Titans$5,200$800,000
15/05 19:30LowPLO8$11$30,000
15/05 19:30MidPLO8$109$70,000
15/05 19:30HighPLO8$1,050$125,000
15/05 21:05LowNLHE: 6-Max$11$100,000
15/05 21:05MidNLHE: 6-Max$109$350,000
15/05 21:05HighNLHE: 6-Max$1,050$500,000
15/05 22:30LowNLHE: Turbo, Progressive KO, Sunday Cooldown$5.50$40,000
15/05 22:30MidNLHE: Turbo, Progressive KO, Sunday Cooldown$55$250,000
15/05 22:30HighNLHE: Turbo, Progressive KO, Sunday Cooldown$530$375,000
16/05 18:30LowNLHE: 6-Max, Progressive KO$22$275,000
16/05 18:30MidNLHE: 6-Max, Progressive KO$215$500,000
16/05 18:30HighNLHE: 6-Max, Progressive KO$2,100$500,000
16/05 19:30Low5-Card NLO8: 8-Max$5.50$10,000
16/05 19:30Mid5-Card NLO8: 8-Max$55$35,000
16/05 19:30High5-Card NLO8: 8-Max$530$75,000
16/05 21:05LowNLHE$11$50,000
16/05 21:05MidNLHE$109$150,000
16/05 21:05HighNLHE$1,050$200,000
17/05 16:05LowNLHE: Deep Stacks$11$65,000
17/05 16:05MidNLHE: Deep Stacks$109$150,000
17/05 16:05HighNLHE: Deep Stacks$1,050$150,000
17/05 17:30LowPLO: Progressive KO$22$70,000
17/05 17:30MidPLO: Progressive KO$215$125,000
17/05 17:30HighPLO: Progressive KO$2,100$200,000
17/05 18:30LowNLHE$215$400,000
17/05 18:30MidNLHE$2,100$500,000
17/05 18:30HighNLHE: Super High Roller$25,000$1,000,000
17/05 19:30LowFL 2-7 Triple Draw$22$15,000
17/05 19:30MidFL 2-7 Triple Draw$215$30,000
17/05 19:30HighFL 2-7 Triple Draw$2,100$65,000
17/05 21:05LowNLHE: 6-Max$11$40,000
17/05 21:05MidNLHE: 6-Max$109$125,000
17/05 21:05HighNLHE: 6-Max$1,050$275,000
17/05 22:30Low6+ Hold'em: 8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO$5.50$15,000
17/05 22:30Mid6+ Hold'em: 8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO$55$25,000
17/05 22:30High6+ Hold'em: 8-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO$530$50,000
18/05 17:30LowPLO#VALUE!$20,000
18/05 17:30MidPLO#VALUE!$60,000
18/05 17:30HighPLO#VALUE!$125,000
18/05 18:30LowNLHE: Midweek Freeze$55$200,000
18/05 18:30MidNLHE: Midweek Freeze$530$275,000
18/05 18:30HighNLHE: Midweek Freeze$5,200$400,000
18/05 19:30LowRazz$11$12,500
18/05 19:30MidRazz$109$30,000
18/05 19:30HighRazz$1,050$50,000
18/05 21:05LowNLHE: 6-Max, Progressive KO$11$100,000
18/05 21:05MidNLHE: 6-Max, Progressive KO$109$350,000
18/05 21:05HighNLHE: 6-Max, Progressive KO$1,050$300,000
19/05 16:05LowNLHE$5.50$30,000
19/05 16:05MidNLHE$55$125,000
19/05 16:05HighNLHE$530$200,000
19/05 17:30LowFLHE: 6-Max$11$12,500
19/05 17:30MidFLHE: 6-Max$109$20,000
19/05 17:30HighFLHE: 6-Max$1,050$40,000
19/05 18:30LowNLHE: Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill$109$400,000
19/05 18:30MidNLHE: Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill$1,050$700,000
19/05 18:30HighNLHE: Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill High Roller$10,300$750,000
19/05 19:30LowPLO8$5.50$12,500
19/05 19:30MidPLO8$55$40,000
19/05 19:30HighPLO8$530$100,000
19/05 21:05LowNLHE: 6-Max, Progressive KO$55$125,000
19/05 21:05MidNLHE: 6-Max, Progressive KO$320$175,000
19/05 21:05HighNLHE: 6-Max, Progressive KO$1,050$175,000
21/05 11:05LowNLHE: Weekend Starter$3.30$30,000
21/05 11:05MidNLHE: Weekend Starter$33$125,000
21/05 11:05HighNLHE: Weekend Starter$320$150,000
21/05 16:05LowNLHE: Deep Stacks$11$75,000
21/05 16:05MidNLHE: Deep Stacks$109$200,000
21/05 16:05HighNLHE: Deep Stacks$1,050$200,000
21/05 17:30LowPLO$55$80,000
21/05 17:30MidPLO$530$150,000
21/05 17:30HighPLO: High Roller$5,200$400,000
21/05 18:30LowNLHE: Progressive KO$5.50$80,000
21/05 18:30MidNLHE: Progressive KO$55$400,000
21/05 18:30HighNLHE: Progressive KO$530$500,000
21/05 19:30Low8-Game: Progressive KO$2.20$5,000
21/05 19:30Mid8-Game: Progressive KO$22$25,000
21/05 19:30High8-Game: Progressive KO$215$50,000
21/05 21:05LowNLHE: 4-Max, Progressive KO$11$75,000
21/05 21:05MidNLHE: 4-Max, Progressive KO$109$150,000
21/05 21:05HighNLHE: 4-Max, Progressive KO$1,050$125,000
21/05 22:30LowNLHE: Turbo$55$100,000
21/05 22:30MidNLHE: Turbo$320$175,000
21/05 22:30HighNLHE: Turbo$1,050$175,000
22/05 14:05LowNLHE: Progressive KO, Sunday Kickoff$5.50$40,000
22/05 14:05MidNLHE: Progressive KO, Sunday Kickoff$55$200,000
22/05 14:05HighNLHE: Progressive KO, Sunday Kickoff$530$300,000
22/05 16:05LowNLHE: Sunday Warm-Up$11$85,000
22/05 16:05MidNLHE: Sunday Warm-Up$109$300,000
22/05 16:05HighNLHE: Sunday Warm-Up$1,050$400,000
22/05 18:30LowNLHE: Progressive KO, Sunday Million$55$1,000,000
22/05 18:30MidNLHE: Progressive KO, Sunday Million$530$1,000,000
22/05 18:30HighNLHE: Progressive KO, Titans$5,200$800,000
22/05 19:30LowNLO8: Progressive KO$22$40,000
22/05 19:30MidNLO8: Progressive KO$215$100,000
22/05 19:30HighNLO8: Progressive KO$2,100$175,000
22/05 21:05LowNLHE$11$100,000
22/05 21:05MidNLHE$109$350,000
22/05 21:05HighNLHE$1,050$500,000
22/05 22:30LowNLHE: 7-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Sunday Cooldown$5.50$35,000
22/05 22:30MidNLHE: 7-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Sunday Cooldown$55$225,000
22/05 22:30HighNLHE: 7-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, Sunday Cooldown$530$350,000
23/05 18:30LowNLHE$55$275,000
23/05 18:30MidNLHE$530$400,000
23/05 18:30HighNLHE: High Roller$5,200$500,000
23/05 19:30LowStud$11$10,000
23/05 19:30MidStud$109$20,000
23/05 19:30HighStud$1,050$40,000
23/05 21:05LowNLHE: 5-Max, Progressive KO$5.50$40,000
23/05 21:05MidNLHE: 5-Max, Progressive KO$55$175,000
23/05 21:05HighNLHE: 5-Max, Progressive KO$530$225,000
24/05 11:05LowNLHE$2.20$20,000
24/05 11:05MidNLHE$22$85,000
24/05 11:05HighNLHE$215$100,000
24/05 17:30LowNL 2-7 Single Draw: Progressive KO$5.50$10,000
24/05 17:30MidNL 2-7 Single Draw: Progressive KO$55$20,000
24/05 17:30HighNL 2-7 Single Draw: Progressive KO$530$40,000
24/05 18:30LowNLHE: Super Tuesday$109$400,000
24/05 18:30MidNLHE: Super Tuesday$1,050$800,000
24/05 18:30HighNLHE: Super Tuesday High Roller$10,300$800,000
24/05 19:30LowPLO8$22$35,000
24/05 19:30MidPLO8$215$85,000
24/05 19:30HighPLO8$2,100$175,000
24/05 21:05LowNLHE: 7-Max$22$85,000
24/05 21:05MidNLHE: 7-Max$215$200,000
24/05 21:05HighNLHE: 7-Max$2,100$175,000
24/05 22:30LowNLHE: 6-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO$5.50$40,000
24/05 22:30MidNLHE: 6-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO$55$200,000
24/05 22:30HighNLHE: 6-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO$530$300,000
25/05 17:30LowHORSE$11$15,000
25/05 17:30MidHORSE$109$40,000
25/05 17:30HighHORSE$1,050$70,000
25/05 18:30LowNLHE$5.50$60,000
25/05 18:30MidNLHE$55$300,000
25/05 18:30HighNLHE$530$400,000
25/05 19:30LowFL Badugi: 6-Max$11$7,500
25/05 19:30MidFL Badugi: 6-Max$109$17,500
25/05 19:30HighFL Badugi: 6-Max$1,050$35,000
25/05 21:05LowNLHE: Progressive KO$11$70,000
25/05 21:05MidNLHE: Progressive KO$109$200,000
25/05 21:05HighNLHE: Progressive KO$1,050$250,000
26/05 17:30Low5-Card PLO8$11$20,000
26/05 17:30Mid5-Card PLO8$109$40,000
26/05 17:30High5-Card PLO8$1,050$85,000
26/05 18:30LowNLHE: Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill$55$400,000
26/05 18:30MidNLHE: Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill$530$750,000
26/05 18:30HighNLHE: Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill High Roller$5,200$650,000
26/05 19:30Low8-Game$22$25,000
26/05 19:30Mid8-Game$215$50,000
26/05 19:30High8-Game$2,100$100,000
26/05 21:05LowNLHE: 6-Max$33$80,000
26/05 21:05MidNLHE: 6-Max$215$175,000
26/05 21:05HighNLHE: 6-Max$1,050$200,000
26/05 22:30LowNLHE: 7-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO$11$100,000
26/05 22:30MidNLHE: 7-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO$109$250,000
26/05 22:30HighNLHE: 7-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO$1,050$300,000
28/05 16:05LowNLHE: Deep Stacks$5.50$70,000
28/05 16:05MidNLHE: Deep Stacks$55$250,000
28/05 16:05HighNLHE: Deep Stacks$530$300,000
28/05 18:30LowNLHE: Progressive KO$55$350,000
28/05 18:30MidNLHE: Progressive KO$320$400,000
28/05 18:30HighNLHE: Progressive KO$1,050$750,000
28/05 19:30LowNLO8$11$20,000
28/05 19:30MidNLO8$109$50,000
28/05 19:30HighNLO8$1,050$125,000
28/05 21:05LowNLHE: 6-Max, Turbo$11$40,000
28/05 21:05MidNLHE: 6-Max, Turbo$109$125,000
28/05 21:05HighNLHE: 6-Max, Turbo$1,050$175,000
28/05 22:30LowNLHE: 7-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO, Last Player Standing$2.20$20,000
28/05 22:30MidNLHE: 7-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO, Last Player Standing$22$100,000
28/05 22:30HighNLHE: 7-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO, Last Player Standing$215$175,000
29/05 14:05LowNLHE: Sunday Kickoff$5.50$35,000
29/05 14:05MidNLHE: Sunday Kickoff$55$200,000
29/05 14:05HighNLHE: Sunday Kickoff$530$350,000
29/05 16:05LowNLHE: Progressive KO, Sunday Warm-Up$22$200,000
29/05 16:05MidNLHE: Progressive KO, Sunday Warm-Up$215$500,000
29/05 16:05HighNLHE: Progressive KO, Sunday Warm-Up$2,100$600,000
29/05 18:30LowNLHE: Main Event$109$2,500,000
29/05 18:30MidNLHE: Main Event$1,050$4,000,000
29/05 18:30HighNLHE: Main Event$10,300$5,000,000
29/05 19:30LowNLHE: Progressive KO, Women's Event$5.50$3,000
29/05 19:30MidNLHE: Progressive KO, Women's Event$22$10,000
29/05 19:30HighNLHE: Progressive KO, Women's Event$109$25,000
29/05 21:05LowPLO: PLO Main Event$109$250,000
29/05 21:05MidPLO: PLO Main Event$1,050$600,000
29/05 21:05HighPLO: PLO Main Event$10,300$800,000
29/05 22:30LowNLHE: Turbo, Progressive KO, Sunday Cooldown$11$85,000
29/05 22:30MidNLHE: Turbo, Progressive KO, Sunday Cooldown$109$350,000
29/05 22:30HighNLHE: Turbo, Progressive KO, Sunday Cooldown$1,050$500,000
30/05 18:30LowNLHE: Progressive KO, Series Saver$11$175,000
30/05 18:30MidNLHE: Progressive KO, Series Saver$109$650,000
30/05 18:30HighNLHE: Progressive KO, Series Saver$1,050$1,000,000
30/05 20:15LowNLHE: Phase 2$2.20$125,000
30/05 20:15MidNLHE: Phase 2$11$500,000
30/05 20:15HighNLHE: Phase 2$55$1,000,000
30/05 21:05LowNLHE: Turbo, Main Event 2nd Chance$55$175,000
30/05 21:05MidNLHE: Turbo, Main Event 2nd Chance$530$250,000
30/05 21:05HighNLHE: Turbo, Main Event 2nd Chance$5,200$350,000
30/05 22:05LowNLHE: 6-Max, Turbo$2.20$17,500
30/05 22:05MidNLHE: 6-Max, Turbo$22$125,000
30/05 22:05HighNLHE: 6-Max, Turbo$215$250,000
31/05 18:30LowNLHE: Super Tuesday$11$125,000
31/05 18:30MidNLHE: Super Tuesday$109$400,000
31/05 18:30HighNLHE: Super Tuesday$1,050$500,000
31/05 19:30LowNLHE/PLO: 6-Max, Progressive KO$5.50$20,000
31/05 19:30MidNLHE/PLO: 6-Max, Progressive KO$55$50,000
31/05 19:30HighNLHE/PLO: 6-Max, Progressive KO$530$100,000
31/05 21:05LowNLHE: Heads-Up, Turbo, Progressive Total KO, Heads-Up TKO Zoom$5.50$40,000
31/05 21:05MidNLHE: Heads-Up, Turbo, Progressive Total KO, Heads-Up TKO Zoom$55$175,000
31/05 21:05HighNLHE: Heads-Up, Turbo, Progressive Total KO, Heads-Up TKO Zoom$530$200,000
01/06 18:30LowNLHE: Progressive KO, Final Freeze$5.50$30,000
01/06 18:30MidNLHE: Progressive KO, Final Freeze$55$175,000
01/06 18:30HighNLHE: Progressive KO, Final Freeze$530$250,000
01/06 21:05LowNLHE: 7-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO, Series Wrap-Up$3.30$35,000
01/06 21:05MidNLHE: 7-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO, Series Wrap-Up$33$125,000
01/06 21:05HighNLHE: 7-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO, Series Wrap-Up$320$150,000

*Any mention of a bonus or discussion of such terms is not in relation to the province of Ontario.

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