PokerStars Celebrates 18th Sunday Million Anniversary!

PokerStars Celebrates 18th Sunday Million Anniversary!

The Sunday Million event might just be the most iconic online tournament of the last decades. In 2024, the event will have its 18th anniversary and it will be celebrated with a six-week-long affair running between March 10 and April 21. The initial Main Event of this series is a special Sunday Million, hosting a buy-in of $215 and guaranteeing a whopping $8 Million!

In the world of online poker, Sundays are synonymous with excitement and high-stakes tournaments. PokerStars, one of the leading platforms for online poker, has taken the thrill of Sundays to new heights with the introduction of the Sunday Million Season. This article provides a detailed overview of this six-week extravaganza, including key information, the full schedule, qualification methods, leaderboards, and insights into the highly anticipated Sunday Million Anniversary event.

The First Week Coming to an End

The inaugural week of the Sunday Million Season kicked off with a bang, featuring multiple events across different buy-in levels. Notable winners included ‘’WellBr20’’ from Brazil, ‘’lukebadass’’ from Germany, ‘’smlchun’’ from South Korea, and Dan “NukeTheFish!” Wilson from Ireland.

The Season events are available in all sorts of buy-in levels going from $3,30 up to $1,050!

Full Schedule of the Sunday Million Season

Highlighted in this section are the key dates and events of the Sunday Million Season, including the Sunday Million Anniversary, Sunday Storm Anniversary, and the Season Finale.

17/03/2024Sun13:05Super Sunday$11$150,000
17/03/2024Sun13:05Super Sunday$109$1,000,000
17/03/2024Sun13:05Super Sunday$1,050$300,000
18/03/2024Mon13:05Monday Mystery$11$100,000
18/03/2024Mon13:05Monday Mystery$82$175,000
18/03/2024Mon13:05Monday Mystery$215$175,000
24/03/2024Sun13:05Sunday Million$109$1,000,000
30/03/2024Sat10:30Bounty Bonanza - Mystery Bounty$5.50$40,000
30/03/2024Sat12:30Bounty Bonanza$11$100,000
30/03/2024Sat14:05Bounty Bonanza - Saturday KO$215$100,000
30/03/2024Sat15:30Bounty Bonanza - Mystery Bounty$22$100,000
31/03/2024Sun10:30Bounty Bonanza - Sunday Eliminator$27$150,000
31/03/2024Sun12:05Bounty Bonanza - Mystery Bounty$5.50$50,000
31/03/2024Sun12:05Bounty Bonanza - Mystery Bounty$55$200,000
31/03/2024Sun12:05Bounty Bonanza - Mystery Bounty$530$150,000
31/03/2024Sun13:05Sunday Million$109$1,000,000
07/04/2024Sun13:05Sunday Million Anniversary$215$8,000,000
08/04/2024Mon13:05Monday Mystery$11$100,000
08/04/2024Mon13:05Monday Mystery$82$175,000
08/04/2024Mon13:05Monday Mystery$215$175,000
14/04/2024Sun13:05Sunday Million$109$1,000,000
14/04/2024Sun14:05Sunday Storm Anniversary$11$500,000
16/04/2024Tue13:05Ambassador Event - Fintan (PKO)$5.50$25,000
17/04/2024Wed13:05Ambassador Event - Spraggy (MB)$11$70,000
18/04/2024Thu13:05Ambassador Event - Parker (MB)$55$150,000
18/04/2024Thu16:05Ambassador Event - Rafa (PKO)$5.50$20,000
21/04/2024Sun13:05Sunday Million Season Finale$109$1,500,000
21/04/2024Sun14:05Season Wrap-Up$5.50$50,000
21/04/2024Sun14:05Season Wrap-Up$55$200,000
21/04/2024Sun14:05Season Wrap-Up$530$200,000
21/04/2024Sun16:05The Epilogue$11$100,000
21/04/2024Sun16:05The Epilogue$109$150,000
21/04/2024Sun16:05The Epilogue$1,050$300,000

How to Qualify:

The prestige of participating in the Sunday Million Season on PokerStars is undeniable, but for many players, the prospect of directly buying into every event can be financially daunting. Fortunately, PokerStars offers a variety of avenues for players to qualify for these prestigious tournaments without draining their bankrolls. Below are some of the most effective methods to secure entry into the Sunday Million Season events:

  1. MTT Satellites: Multi-Table Tournaments (MTT) satellites are a popular and accessible way to win entry into Sunday Million Season events. PokerStars hosts a range of satellite tournaments with buy-ins starting as low as $2.20, providing players of all skill levels with the opportunity to compete for seats in higher desired events.
  2. Spin & Go tournaments: Spin & Go tournaments offer a fast-paced and thrilling path to qualification for the Sunday Million Season. PokerStars features special edition Spin & Go tournaments specifically designed to award tickets to select events in the Season. Players can enter Spin & Go's at various buy-in levels, with some tournaments offering tickets to the Sunday Million Anniversary 18 and other key events.
  3. Power Path: For players seeking an alternative route to qualification, PokerStars' Power Path offers a unique opportunity to earn entry into the Sunday Million Season. Power Path Mega Satellites are held daily, allowing players to compete for seats in high-profile events through a series of steps. Participants can either use their Power Path Step 3 tickets or buy in directly to these Mega Satellites.
  4. Freeroll Events: For those looking to qualify for Sunday Million Season events at no cost, PokerStars hosts freeroll tournaments with seats up for grabs. These freerolls provide players with the chance to win entry into select events, including the Sunday Million Anniversary 18, without any buy-in required. Re-buys may be available for a nominal fee, offering additional opportunities to secure seats.
  5. Chests and Ladders: Players can also earn tickets to Sunday Million Season events through PokerStars' Chests and Ladders rewards system. From March 10, 2024, onward, participants have the chance to obtain tickets to the Sunday Million Anniversary 18 and satellite events by progressing through the rewards tiers and unlocking chests

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