Pokerlistings Championship Day 1A off to a Good Start at the Festival Series Malta

Pokerlistings Championship Day 1A off to a Good Start at the Festival Series Malta

The PokerListings Championship has once again taken centre stage at The Festival Series in Malta, with Day 1A kicking off on May 14th. Over the next few days, two more starting days will take place, with Day 1B scheduled for Monday and Day 1C for Tuesday. As players take to the felt, everyone is eager to secure their place for the final day, where they will already be guaranteed a payout. 

The first starting day saw a remarkable number of entries, exceeding expectations and promising an exciting and action-packed event in the coming days. With such a strong start, anticipation is high for what's to come, and players are no doubt eager to showcase their skills and compete for the title. All in all, it's shaping up to be a memorable tournament filled with epic moments and fierce competition. 

PokerListings Championship 

The poker tables at Portomaso Casino, the largest casino in beautiful Malta, have already welcomed many familiar faces during the ongoing PokerListings Championship. Among them is Colin Lovelock, who is looking to defend his title after winning the previous edition of the PokerListings Championship in Nottingham earlier this year. Lovelock walked away with a handsome payout of £5,020, an impressive return on his buy-in of just £120. 

While Festival Series founder Martin 'Franke' von Zweigbergk, Christel Haller, Totti Lind, Vallo Maidla, and Oskar Ojaveer were all in attendance, they didn't make it to the bagging and tagging stage. However, some notable players did progress to the next stage of the tournament. The list of remaining players after Day 1A can be found below, and anticipation is high for what the remaining days of the championship will bring. 

Remaining Schedule PokerListings Championship:  

Day 1b Monday May 15th 16:00 CET 
Day 1c Tuesday May 16th 16:00 CET 
Day 2 Wednesday May 17th 13:00 CET 

Chipcounts Day 1A: 

#3  KOVACS JONAS BO 326,000 
#4  GIALANZE KARL 232,000 
#5  MOREL MARIUS 229,000 
#8  TSENOV LACHEZAR 184,000 
#10  CARUSO BENEDETTO 148,000 
#13  AJUT ALLAN 22,000 

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