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Poker Quiz - Go for a Perfect Score on Our Poker Hand Quiz!

SPOILER ALERT: You can check for further explanations of some of the answers below the Poker Quiz.

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Welcome to the PokerListings Poker Quiz

This will quickly test your knowledge of basic poker strategy, odds and game variations in a fun, easy way. As an added twist, you can test your betting acumen at the same time. In our Poker Quiz, you can see the question first and then decide how much you want to bet! >>>

All players start out with a bankroll of $10 and you can bet anywhere from $1-$10 per question.  Pull the slider all the way to the right to bet the maximum $10. A perfect score is $150. Do you have what it takes for a perfect poker quiz score? Test yourself below! And send it to your friends to see who really has what it takes to come out ahead on the poker felt! >>>

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Unhappy with your score? Take the test as many times as you like until you have it dialed in! If you hit a high score, you're ready to drop a few bucks online and give your opponents trouble. Check our Poker Tools above for more practice and see our list of the Best Poker Sites to get started.

Poker Hand Quiz Analysis

So: How well did you know the odds of winning against specific hands pre-flop off the top of your head? As you can probably tell, our Poker Quiz gives a glimpse at some of the most common poker situations. You’ll likely have found yourself in a few of these spots at the poker table. So memorizing the exact odds of these situations helps you to get on the winning side of them. Here are our poker quiz questions broken down further and click through to the articles to learn more.

Poker Quiz Question #1

Q:  What's the approximate winning chance for a pair against ace-king if two players are all-in pre-flop?

Jake Cody 1

Correct answer: 50%

This is the proverbial "coin-flip" you’ll see and hear about time and time again when watching tournament poker. As the blinds go up, players are increasingly pressed to make a move you’ll see a lot of these. Although the true odds aren’t exactly 50-50. The made hand – that is, the small pair - is technically a slight favorite over the unmade hand (two over cards). But the margin is very, very small - Certainly close enough to call it a flip.

This applies to all pairs vs. two over cards. Although the odds change slightly if the cards are suited or connected as there are more opportunities for straights or flushes. This % does not take into account any cards that could hit but have been folded by other players pre-flop.

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Poker Quiz Question #2

Q: Approximately how often do you get trips or better on the flop in Texas Holdem if you have a pair?

Correct Answer: 12%

flop wsop 2016 main event lau

First things first: The odds of being dealt any pocket pair in Texas Holdem are about 16-1, or 6%. So you’re not going to face this situation too much in any one poker game. When you do get a pocket pair, you then definitely want to make the most of it. And while a pair is a nice starting hand, it won’t always hold up as the winning hand by showdown. Other players’ hands will get better on the flop, turn and river. So you want yours to do so too if you’re going to keep betting and stay in the hand.

The next best hand in the standard poker hand rankings is two pair. But you’ll need a pair on the board cards to improve to two pair. You’ll also have to share that pair with all the other players still in the hand. So what you - and most players - are looking for is to flop a set (three-of-a-kind.) And that’s called “Set Mining.”

The bad news, though, is you won’t hit that set very often on the flop. In fact you’ll only connect with that third card 12% of the time. If you do flop a set, you’re more likely to be ahead in the hand. And stand a good chance of winning the hand by showdown. And it’s very important to maximize how much you win when those situations materialize.

Note: Three-of-a-kind is referred to as “trips.” But technically trips occur when you have one card of the three in your hole cards and the other two appear on the board. Whereas three-of-a-kind is when you have a pair and hit the third on the board. So the question above is worded incorrectly.

Wong Elimination 3

Poker Quiz Question #3

Q: What's the winning chance for a pair of Aces against a pair of nines if two players are all-in pre-flop?

Correct answer: 80%

This is literally the flip side of the flip. If you see a bigger pair than yours once you flip over cards pre-flop and you're all-in, you’re in trouble. Because an over-pair is an 80% favorite over an under-pair to win the hand. So getting your money in as an 80% favorite is a great accomplishment in poker.

Yeah, you can go ahead and pat yourself on the back if you’re the player holding the over-pair. But, then again, the player who is dominated still has a 20% chance to win. That’s poker. Even if you play the hand well and are a big favorite, you can always lose the hand.

Poker Quiz Question #4

Q: What's the poker form where you're dealt five cards and can exchange them, but the best hand is the lowest possible and aces only count as low?

Answer: We’ll leave you to the quiz to figure this one out! But if you’d like to learn the rules of all the great poker variations you can find out there, check our Poker Rules page!

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