Poker Players, Meet Your Unknown World Cup of Soccer Twin!

Published On: 23 May 2014 / Modified: 20 June 2018
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Playing in the World Cup of football (soccer) is a boyhood dream for everyone even remotely interested in the beautiful game.

Many of poker's most high-profile stars have shared the same dream - but somehow ended up playing cards instead.

Thousands of poker players will be glued to the TV screens at the Rio in Las Vegas this summer following the World Cup in Brazil, and you might find yourself doing a double take every now and then as you look up at the TV and across the table at your fellow players.

PokerListings Denmark's Thomas Hviid has put together a team of poker pro/football player lookalikes (and a coach) he thinks might turn your head. Enjoy!

Poker Players' World Cup Twins

Goalkeeper: Pepe Reina/Patrik Antonius

reina antonius

Every football team needs a great goalie so it was an easy pick to match up a comparably great player like Patrik Antonius.

The flying Finn is probably a better tennis player than a goalkeeper but he fits the profile of a great keeper as much as anyone in poker.

His lookalike, Pepe Reina, was part of the team that won the World Cup in 2010 but he might not break much sweat again this time as the second-choice keeper for Spain after Iker Casillas.


Mathieu Debuchy/Daniel Negreanu

debuchy negreanu

This photo of Mathieu Debuchy is somewhat old but we of course wanted to include one of poker’s most prominent stars Daniel Negreanu.

The Canadian actually likes soccer but we're not sure if he's know who Mathieu Debuchy is. We can add that Debuchy is currently playing for Newcastle United and is a regular in the lineup for the French national team, mostly as a right defender.

Pepe/David Williams

pepe williams

David Williams is one of the nicest and most popular guys in poker while Brazilian-born Portugal defender Pepe is … ahem, well, he might be nice to animals and popular in parts of Madrid.

The hairdos here evoke the twin sense although nowadays Williams has chosen a shorter hair style. While Williams hasn't knocked off a major title after cutting his hair, Pepe might take his first Champions League title this Saturday with Real Madrid.

Gerard Pique/Nacho Barbero

pique barbero2

Is that the real Gerard Pique we've seen at EPT Barcelona a couple of times or is it just Nacho Barbero with a bit of make-up and some hair coloring?

We don’t know but we think the PokerStars Pro from Argentina would not mind being in Pique’s (football) shoes. The Spanish defender has won the World Cup in 2010, Euro 2012, numerous titles with Barcelona plus Shakira’s heart – not bad!

Sergio Ramos/ElkY

ramos elky

We have to admit here that Sergio Ramos normally doesn't really look very much like ElkY without the blond hair. With the dye jobs though? There's definitely a similar vibe here.

We're not sure the currently exiled-in-Paris ElkY would have the same impact as Ramos on the football pitch, but we'd bet Ramos would look silly trying to manage a few online poker tables simultaneously - let alone 25+.


Ashkan Dejagah/Dan Bilzerian

dejagah bilzerian

If anyone can sport a more beautiful beard than Dan Bilzerian it might be Fulham and Iran midfielder Ashkan Dejagah. We'll see whether Dejagah keeps his beard for the World Cup but we're very confident he won't end up having it stroked by an attractive woman on TV if he does.

Wayne Rooney/Jason Koon

rooney koon2

A lookalike classic is twinning the green cartoon character Shrek with England star Wayne Rooney. But you don’t even need to look to the world of fiction to find his separated poker twin.

American Jason Koon is almost a spitting image -- especially because of his impressive physique.

Clint Dempsey/Huck Seed

dempsey seed

This set of twins is a very experienced couple. Huck Seed has been in poker for almost 20 years with four WSOP bracelets - including one for the Main Event - to his name.

Compatriot Clint Dempsey has 103 caps for the US team. The Seattle Sounders midfielder will be the captain for his country during the World Cup while Huck will go for another bracelet in Vegas this summer.


Robin van Persie/Lex Veldhuis

rvp veldhuis

Lex Veldhuis and Robin van Persie were both born in 1983 in the Netherlands. They both had a love for sports and were probably running around playing football in their yellow Dutch clogs at the age of 10.

But somewhere in their teens their paths divided. While van Persie was playing football every day, Veldhuis was sitting behind the computer playing Starcraft. If Veldhuis ever wonders how far he would have made it without his computer, he just needs to look to RvP.

Fernando Torres/Anton Wigg

torres wigg

Is it really possible to win the Sunday Million, the EPT, the World Cup, the European Championship and the Champions League in football in a career? Yes, if your name would be Anton Fernando Wigg Torres (pretty cool name btw).

Wigg has probably considered moving to London to join fellow Swedish grinders like Viktor Blom, but London is simply not big enough for both him and Torres with all those titles.

Luis Suarez/Steven Moreau

suarez moreau

Suarez recently became a representative for 888poker and will soon feature in poker tournaments around the world. He might feel a bit puzzled if he should ever end up in a heads-up match against his lookalike French pro Steven Moreau (hopefully he will not bite!).

Suarez is doubtful for the World Cup as he might need an operation so in that case we suggest the Uruguayan football federation give Moreau a call.


Alejandro Sabella/Thor Hansen

sabella hansen

Who will manage these great teams of lookalikes? For the real footballers it's Argentina manager Alejandro Sabella; for the poker players it's the godfather of Norwegian poker, Thor Hansen.

This is good news for the poker players as Sabella is known for being almost obsessed with football while Thor Hansen might let his players enjoy a bit of fun.


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