Dennis Phillips

By all accounts, Dennis Phillips is a pretty decent guy.

Ask anyone in his local poker community in St. Louis, Mo., and they'll tell you about his quiet, down-to-earth demeanor and polite table manners. They'll also warn you about his crushing tournament play.

A final-table finisher in the 2008 WSOP Main Event, Dennis has cashed in all the major St. Louis tournaments, and his regular opponents, not surprisingly, bemoan his solid abilities at the green felt.

Dennis Phillips, not just a poker player

But Dennis Phillips isn't just a poker player. He has a day job, too.

An account manager for a commercial trucking company, Dennis seems happy with his work. Happy enough, anyway, that he doesn't plan to retire on his Main Event earnings - which will be substantial come November 2008.

The nearly $1 million Dennis is guaranteed may just sway his feelings on early retirement. Especially since it's not like anyone has a piece of him in the Main Event - he gained entry to it after winning a $200 buy-in at Harrah's St. Louis Casino and Hotel.

If he does change his mind, you'll likely be seeing him more on the tournament trail. After all, what's a retired man to do but partake in his favorite hobby?

Dennis Phillips
Current Residence Cottage Hills, IL, USA
Born December 1, 1954
Birth Place Cottage Hills, IL, USA
Total Winnings $6.006.606
Aggressiveness 0
Looseness 0
Limit 0
No-limit 0
Side Games 0
Steam Control 0
Against Strong Players 0
Against Weak Players 0
Tournaments 0
Short-Handed 0
  • Was the oldest player at the 2008 WSOP Main Event final table, at 53 years of age
  • Previous tournament cashes include a WSOPC final table in 2007
  • Earned a bachelor of arts degree in college

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