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David Peters

David Peters

About David Peters

Current ResidenceLas Vegas, NV, United States
BornApril 16, 1987
Birth PlaceToledo, OH, United States
Total Winnings$40,715,449

David Peters Trivia

  • Nickname in the poker felt is ‘’the Silent Assassin’’
  • Won his first ‘Sunday Million’ on 24th of Oktober 2016 after crushing high stakes for decades already.
  • Likes to rap now and then when being on a night out
  • Has won 4 WSOP-bracelets, and is currently 4th on the All-Time Money list
Side Games8
Steam Control9
Against Strong Players10
Against Weak Players10

Whenever, and wherever, there is a High Roller tournament, there is one name who is never missing from the players list, and that is the name of David Peters. Given the nickname ‘The Silent Assasin’ he has been grinding both real money poker games online- and live since 2003 but became active in 2006 where he started playing in all major events in the United States and overseas. With being number 6 of the all-time money list of the world, David is truly a grandmaster of the poker scene in terms of cashes.

Poker Career - How It All Started

David Peters first got in touch with poker, as many other players did, when the American amateur poker player Chris Moneymaker became the World Champion of Poker, by qualifying into the 2003 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event for just $86. It was this moment that David decided to give it a go on the virtual tables by grinding freeroll tournaments. Not long after he won his first freeroll tournament for $600 and from then onwards he never looked back.

By watching poker a lot on TV back in the days, he became very interested in the game. After his win in the freeroll, he put himself the goal to master the sit ‘n go games online. He got instantly hooked with the game and by studying his games from a very young age, he convinced himself that this is something he could do for a living. It is also something he gives as an advice to younger players who are dreaming of the same road he has taken to become so glorious in poker. ‘’Do not get too cocky in the beginning, take becoming a better player very seriously, and do no expect that big wins become standard. It is a very cruel game sometimes’’.

It is all poker players dream to play the biggest and hardest tournaments of the world and this always has been the ambition of David as well. Not only becoming a regular in such tournaments, but also the be a feared competitor for his opponents. Unfortunately, the D-Day for American poker came with ‘Black Friday’ and Peter was hugely affected by it as he had a lot of money locked up on his online accounts.

In that time, not even sure he was getting it back. Because of the block on online poker, he turned himself into a live games grinder and went travelling overseas as much as possible. Basically, the first year after Black Friday he only played live events. Soon after, he decided to move abroad to be able to play online poker again. Canada became his home ground, after he was missing online poker a lot. Online poker is in general for a poker professional a very good factor to induce the variance of the game, so it did for David.

Other Interests Than Poker

David Peter is known to be a very easy-going guy in the poker circuit. Away from the tables David is no other than that. Hanging out with friends, family and his wife is what he adores to do. He likes to watch sports, movies play basketball and so on. As you can imagine, going around the world for poker, David is also travelling most of the time. Somewhat which he loves to do. Getting in touch with different cultures and exploring new areas of the world is a nice add-on to his personal life, gained from his poker life.

David Peters Poker Achievements - A Success Story

With over $40,000,000 in live cashes and over $6,000,000 in online cashes, he is currently the number 4# seeded player of the world on the all-time money list. With 4 bracelets to his name, and countless of big final tables he is not only one of the best players in the poker scene, but also one of the most feared competitors for any other poker player. In 2010, against his own believe, he has had one of his best years in terms of results. David believes otherwise, as he is always aiming to do better every year. It shows his character as well, by not seeing 2010 as his best year in terms of cashed events but seeing it as the year where many situations turned out positive for him.

Here are some of the recent biggest poker wins of David Peters:

  • June 2022 – 1st place $100,000 High Roller Bounty NLHE Event for $1,166,810
  • October 2021 – 2nd place $200,000 High Roller NLHE for $1,387,200
  • November 2018 – 3rd place $250,000 Super High Roller NLHE for $1,420,000
  • November 2018 – 1st place $100,000 High Roller NLHE for $1,104,000
  • October 2018 – 2nd  place E100,000 Super High Roller NLHE for E1,621,960
  • September 2018 – 1st place $100,000 High Roller Poker Masters NLHE for $1,150,000
  • July 2018 – 1st place HK$500,000 Triton High Roller NLHE for HK$8,775,000
  • January 2016 – 2nd place $200,000 WPT Super High Roller NLHE for $2,699,752

As you can see most of his results are from No-Limit texas Hold’em, a game which he masters inside out. He does also play Mixed-events, but there are not many results to be found from this. David is a well-known player in the high roller circuit of Hold’em games. A unique player and called ‘’The Silent Assassin’’ as he is mostly quite at the tables and very focused on the game. Well respected as well for his skills and the 35-year-old American Superstar will be for a long time playing all events around the world as he is still chasing his ambitions to become the undisputed best player of the world.

You want to follow David Peters and his poker career? Make sure to follow him on one of his socials:

www.twitter.com/dpeterspoker17 (12,4K followers)

www.instagram.com/dpeters17 (5K followers)

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