Phil Ivey Makes History, Snatches 10th WSOP Bracelet

Phil Ivey gave yet another strong argument that he’s the best poker player in the world by winning his historic 10th bracelet in the $1.5k 8-Game Mix at the WSOP today.

Ivey picked up $166,986 for his efforts but more importantly tied poker legends Johnny Chan and Doyle Brunson with 10 bracelets.

Now only Phil Hellmuth has more bracelets than Ivey but he’s been idle at 13 bracelets since 2012.

“Do I think I can catch Phil Hellmuth? Yeah sure,” said Ivey. “It’s possible. I have to keep playing at this pace.”

Ivey, Negreanu Cash in on Bracelet Bet

Phil Ivey

While Ivey won $166k in the tournament, it’s rumoured he had much more wrapped up in bracelet bets this year.

Ivey and Daniel Negreanu (who finished ninth in the $1.5k 8-Game) offered even money on one of them to win a bracelet.

“I really wanted to win it for Daniel,” said Ivey. “He doesn’t really step out there and make big bets very often. I knew he was rooting hard for me. I wanted to bear down and win it for him.”

Beyond the money Ivey continues to chisel his place in poker history by winning his 10th bracelet.

It was a special win considering Ivey finally tied long-time friend Doyle Brunson.

“Doyle is one of my poker idols,” he said. “When I first came to Vegas and playing the big games Doyle and Chip were the guys I looked up to.”

Ivey admitted it’s not exactly fair since Brunson doesn’t play money WSOP events these days. That doesn’t mean Brunson isn’t around, however.

“I played a 12 hour session with Doyle at Bellagio last week,” said Ivey. “He’s still sharp as could be. He won pretty big in the game.”

Ivey Shreds 8-Game Final Table

Phil Ivey

While Ivey did lose the chip lead three-handed, the result never seemed in doubt as he remained calm while Aaron Steury and Dan Heimiller were eliminated fourth and third respectively.

Ivey then pulled off a comeback against Bruce Yamron heads-up to win the tournament.

For now Ivey is going to concentrate on winning one more bracelet before the WSOP comes to a close.

“I like to come out and support the WSOP,” he said.

“The World Series of Poker is still the only collection of tournaments that has all the games and they respect all of them. It’s really important. It’s still true to poker.”

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