partypoker Spins Gets Mega Overhaul

partypoker Spins Gets Mega Overhaul

Partypoker have announced an overhaul of their take on the popular three handed lottery style sit n’ go poker games, Spins, by introducing SPINS Overdrive. The innovative revamp will feature varying blind levels, dynamic starting stacks and a whole new range of payouts.

With SPINS Overdrive, multipliers will now range from 2x to 240,000x the buy-in. Also, the payout structure has been tweaked, and will now offer prizes at lower multipliers.

Essentially, SPINS Overdrive is a three player Jackpot Sit & Go game with thousands of multipliers where the bigger the multiplier that hits means the greater amount of starter chips a player gets, thus the more you could potentially win.

This new and unique format offers up a top prize of 240,000x your buy-in as well as thousands of other potential prizes.

New Look SPINS

On top of the multipliers being pushed all the way up to the max, another great innovation is that the new game will feature brand new animations with a cool, futuristic car that will be speeding towards your next multiplier.

And because chip stacks are now dynamic, if you are playing for a smaller prize, it is more likely to be a quick game, but if you are playing for a bigger prize pool, then partypoker will give you more chips and more time to take down the win.

As with traditional SPINS, every game is still made up of three players with buy-ins ranging from $0.25-$100. However, the critical difference between SPINS Overdrive and the other jackpot style poker games out there is that the prizes are not fixed to just 2x, 3x and so on.

SPINS Overdrive has fewer 2x prizes and the prize pool grows exponentially. The game will start with increments of 0.01x – 2.01x, 2.02x, etc, but the larger the prize pool swells, the bigger those jumps will become.

Rake will also remain the same ranging from 5% at higher stakes to 8% at lower buy-in levels.

This is high octane poker play for every player. So, rack up those short stacks and prepare yourself for quick blinds, as poker’s most popular game has just found itself a whole new gear.

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