partypoker Invites to the McLaren Turbo Series!

partypoker Invites to the McLaren Turbo Series!

We’ve had an action-filled summer in terms of online poker this year, and there’s still more to go. With a lot of golden nuggets to choose from in terms of tournaments to play and series to participate in, there is no doubt that partypoker has thrown something in the hat to compete for the summer’s sweetest poker candy. May we present The McLaren Turbo Series!

In collaboration with one of the most respected formula car manufacturers in the world, partypoker will run this action filled-to-the-top series between the 13th-28th of August. Considering the series will have a $1M guaranteed prize pool, the McLaren Turbo Series will indeed be one of the poker highlights of the year.

Daily Sprints, Deepstacks and More!

As previously hinted, the tournament schedule is vast and there’s surely something that could appeal to all players, from low- to high stakes. For instance, there will be a daily sprint PKO with a turbo structure. The final phase of the tournament will start 22:05 CEST each day, with six qualifying phases being held in advance during the day. The buy-in for the daily sprints vary from day to day, everything between $2.2 and $22.

On all the three Sundays during the series time span, the Sunday Party ($100K GTD) as well as the Sunday Carnival ($30K GTD) will be held, starting at 20:05. The difference between the tournaments of course is the buy-in; $109 for the Sunday Party and $2 for the Sunday Carnival. Except for this they share a lot of similarities: they’re both 7-max PKO’s with turbo structure.

Then there’s also an abundance of other side tournaments to choose from each day. Deepstacks, more PKO’s, battle PKO’s, ultra PKO’s and more will all run during the series.

But of course, you can’t have only sides and no main course. Obviously, there’s a prestigious Main Event as well!

The McLaren Turbo Series Main Event

Oh boy, did we save the best part for last. The McLaren Turbo Series Main Event has quite an interesting arrangement. The $100K GTD PKO tournament has its day 2 Monday 28th of August, I.e., the last day of the of the series. Prior to this final day, there are no less than 39 different day 1 stages. On Sundays, three stages will be played each day, and two stages a day Monday through Saturday. The day 1 stages have a $33 buy-in and top 15 % will qualify for day 2.

Alongside the Main Event, the Mini Main Event will run in collateral fashion. Same structure and same arrangement as its bigger brother, but a $5.5 buy-in.

Considering the amount of interesting and unique tournaments that will be held during the McLaren Turbo Series 2023, the best way to get a good overview of the full schedule is to visit the tournament lobby in the partypoker client. That being said, there’s no doubt that there is something for everyone, considering all the different buy-ins as well as the supply of tournaments available.

The first card deal of the McLaren Turbo Series 2023 is mere days away, folks! Good luck to everyone who’s planning to participate in what will surely be one of, if not the most dynamic online poker series of August. Remember to have lots of fun at the tables!

Here you can find more info about the McLaren Turbo Series.

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