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Online Casino Bonus | Online Casino Bonus Codes 2019

From online casinos entirely dedicated to slots to cutting-edge 3D animation and game play to on-camera live dealers to million-dollar progressive jackpots, there’s never been more to choose from in online casinos.

With literally hundreds of online casinos to choose from, though, competition for new players is also at an all-time high. That makes for another great opportunity for casino players:

  • Big and potentially lucrative online casino bonuses

Online casino sites are literally throwing big casino bonuses at the wall and hoping their’s is the one that will make you stick around. But while it’s great there’s a ton of free casino money out there to be had, not all casino bonuses are created equal.

    • Mega progressive jackpot slots & live dealers
    • Slick mobile app to access all platforms (poker, casino, sportsbook)
    • Great satellites to MPN live tour
    • Generous wagering requirements
    • Whimsical colour scheme & design
    • Fresh, modern take on online casino
    • Very fast & accessible cashout methods
    • Premium software providers
    • Huge selection of casino games & scratch cards
    • Great "My History" function
    • Top quality bonuses and promotions
    • Good choice of games

Online Casino Bonus

We’re here to help sort through the chaos out there and find the right casino bonus for you – and then make sure that bonus actually makes it into your online casino account.

Why You Should Sign Up for Our Online Casino Bonuses:

  • No-Deposit bonuses offer free slots spins or bets with NO Deposit required
  • A big match bonus means the more money you deposit, the more money you can receive as a bonus
  • Sign-up bonuses are exclusively for players who have never created an account at that online casino
  • Our sign-up bonuses are exclusively negotiated with the online casino to make it the highest online – even higher than what the site itself offers!

What Kind of Casino Bonus Can I Get?


There are a few different sorts of online casino bonuses out there. You can more or less break them into 6 or 7 categories:

  • Online Casino Welcome or “Sign-Up” Bonuses
  • Match Bonuses
  • Free Spins Bonuses
  • No Deposit Casino Bonuses
  • Sticky Bonuses
  • Loyalty or Rewards Bonuses
  • Refer-a-Friend Bonuses

Online Casino Sign-Up Bonus

The most common bonus you’ll come across is the “welcome” or “sign-up” bonus. This is simply the first bonus offered to new online casino customers.

It can take any form, really, but the most common are the “match” bonus and the “free spins” bonus (more on these below). It is ONLY offered to players who have never created an account before at that particular online casino.

If you have registered an account at that casino – even if it was years ago and you haven’t played on the casino for ages – you will likely not be eligible for any new welcome bonuses. You can, however, likely be eligible for a reactivation or reload or deposit bonuses if those are offered at the online casino in question..


Another important note: A “welcome” bonus is usually offered at every online casino and you aren’t in any way restricted from signing up at as many online casinos as you want. That means you can literally collect thousands of dollars in sign-up bonuses if you create new accounts at several online casinos.

Fair warning, though: most welcome bonuses have playthrough or wagering requirements and you won’t just be able to create 100 new accounts and cash out the bonuses for profit.

That would just be too good to be true, right? But that said, if you enjoy playing at a variety of online casinos you can reap the rewards in the form of multiple casino bonuses.

Online Casino Match Bonus 

The match bonus is the centerpiece of many casino sign-up bonuses and often the “showiest” bonus you’ll see advertised. These match bonuses usually range from a few hundred dollars to even $5,000 or more.

The terms are usually pretty consistent. Whatever amount you want to deposit at the online casino (within a minimum or maximum range) the casino will match that deposit at 100%. Sometimes the match percentage can be as high as 500%.

So if you deposit $100, the casino will give you an additional $100 to be added to your online casino account. Deposit $200 and get $200 matched, and so forth. There will be a minimum and maximum amount you can deposit that they will match.


You also likely won’t be given all of a match bonus instantly. The bonus will be added to a “pending” bonus account and will be paid out into your regular casino account in increments as you play casino games.

You will likely need to gamble anywhere from 10x-50x your initial deposit to claim your full bonus. There will also be a time limit on how long you can take to claim your full match bonus.

Check each site for the specifics on each match bonus offered. Bonus terms will be clearly listed and spelled out on the bonus terms and conditions page.

Online Casino Free Spins Bonus

Another common online casino bonus is the free spin (or free bets) bonus. These are very common these days and a great enticement for players to sign up and make a deposit at an online casino.

Free spins bonuses can be either no deposit bonuses or deposit bonuses. A free spin no deposit bonus will likely be something like 10-25 free spins at a particular game or online slots machine. 

A deposit free spin bonus might be more like 100-200 free spins. Once you’ve made a deposit you’ll be allowed to access the free spins although the spins might be allocated with 20 spins upfront and the rest over a set number of days, like 20 spins a day over 9 days

Money you win from those spins will be yours to keep but only after you play through a certain amount.

If you want to get a taste of what a particular slot machine is like before you actually put any money into the casino to play, no deposit free spin bonuses are a great opportunity to do so.

500K Chip

No Deposit Casino Bonus

As mentioned above no deposit casino bonuses often come in the form of free spins or free bets bonuses. You don’t have to make a deposit at the online casino and you will be given those spins or the bonus money directly into your account to use for play.

As you likely already determined, no deposit bonuses are rarely in the form of straight cash you can immediately withdraw. Every no deposit bonus will likely have a wagering requirement (an amount you need to wager) before you can cash out any winnings from your no-deposit bonus.

The best no deposit bonuses are obviously the ones that let you keep any winnings. Check the details as outlined for your no deposit bonus on sign-up.

Online Casino “Sticky” Bonuses

A “sticky” bonus is simply a bonus you can use to make bets at the online casino but you can’t withdraw. Sticky bonuses are usually offered to high rollers and can come with quite high percentages like 300% or 400% match.

Any money you deposit and win is yours but the value of the bonus itself can not be withdrawn.

Sticky bonuses are great if you have a big balance in your account as they give you a lot of extra chances to play your preferred games. The downside, of course, is you can’t actually take that money out and put it into your bank account.

Once you do make a withdrawal, the sticky bonus will also likely disappear from your account. These bonuses will be listed as “for play or wagering only.”

Online Casino Loyalty Bonus

If you’re a frequent player at any online casino you will be rewarded with frequent loyalty bonuses. These can come in different forms but you can likely bank on getting ongoing deposit bonuses, free spins, cash back on your losses and reward points/bonuses as you would at any live casino.

The more you play, the more you get rewarded. As you reach higher VIP levels based on your playing volume, expect major rewards to return your way.

See each individual casino for more information about their loyalty bonuses and rewards for frequent players.

Refer-a-Friend Casino Bonus

As with a lot of businesses, both online and offline, if you refer a friend to an online casino and they create a new account (indicating you were the customer that directed them to the casino in their sign-up process), you will likely be rewarded with a small bonus for doing so.

Mobile Casino Bonuses 

With the expansion of the mobile casino industry and the rapidly growing use of mobile phones to play casino games, a lot of online casinos are now offering mobile casino bonuses for players who exclusively use their mobile phone to play casino games.

Check for any ongoing mobile casino bonuses at each respective casino.


Online Casino Bonus USA

If you’re a casino player based in the USA you can definitely access casino bonuses if you live in one of the 4 states – Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware & Pennsylvania – that has licensed and regulated online casino gambling.

All the active online casinos in those states will have a welcome bonus/match bonus/free spin bonus you can take advantage of. The same terms and conditions will apply as most bonuses with wagering requirements and the bonus distributed to your account in increments as you play.

Another quick note on Online Casino Bonuses for the US: You will find a lot of “offshore” (meaning based in another country) casino that still offers casino games and bonuses to US players.

While they can often be very large and appealing bonuses, as the casino is not licensed to offer those bonuses to US players you have no guarantee you will be able to access any of the bonus, winnings or any deposits you make at those casinos. 

We recommend against playing at any licensed or unlicensed offshore online casino if you’re a US resident.

Casino Bonus UK

Unlike the USA, the UK is a cornerstone of the online casino market as it has a very well established online casino licensing and regulation process.

All UK online casinos are licensed and regulated by an overseeing government body which make they very safe and secure and subject to strict regulations in terms of both gaming (including underage and problem gambling) and financial security.

Most of the major UK online casinos are offshoots of famed and well known bookmakers (William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral, Bet365 etc) who have very highly valued brands and reputations to uphold.

If you play at an online casino that is properly licensed and regulated in the UK you can be guaranteed your deposits and withdrawals are secure and the games are all fair and monitored.

You’ll also be able to reap your online casino bonus reward in GBP and play in your local currency.

Online Casino Bonus Codes

Another important thing to take note of when looking to claim any casino bonus is that you use the proper casino bonus code.


Many casino bonuses have a specific bonus code (typically just a few numbers and letters) that you need to enter when creating an account or making a deposit.

Thankfully these are quite easy to see on the casino bonus page. If you do see a required casino bonus code, make sure you jot it down and enter it in the appropriate field when promoted on sign-up or deposit.

If you miss entering the proper bonus code, be sure to contact the casino’s customer support right away to notify them and to activate the proper bonus code.

You'll find all of our exclusive casino bonus codes in our online casino review pages.

How Do I Clear My Online Casino Bonus?

As mentioned above many of the online casino bonuses you can be eligible to receive will come with some sort of wagering or “clearing” requirements before you can either add it to your account balance or withdraw it.

How fast you clear your casino bonus will depend on a few things:

1) The Games You Play – Some casino bonuses are restricted in the games you can play to clear them. In other words, only certain games played count towards your clearing requirements. Check the terms and conditions closely to make sure you’re playing a game that counts toward your bonus clearing.

2) The Bonus Clearing Rate for Each Game – Also note different games might have different clearing rates. Games that have a higher win rate for the player (Blackjack, Video Poker, Pai Gow) will have a lower clearing rate than games with more of a house edge (Roulette, etc). If you want to clear your bonus quickly you should play higher house edge games, although that means, of course, that you’re vulnerable to more losses.

3) Hedge Your Anticipated Losses vs. Your Clearing Rate – Ideally you want your casino bonus to make you a profit. But to do so you need to make sure you’re playing games with a high enough expected win percentage to compensate for any losses while you play. So if your expected rate of losses at Blackjack is 5% you have to ensure you can clear your bonus in a small enough amount of hands it won’t dip into (or exceed) your expected bonus money.

Make the Most of Your Online Casino Bonus!


At the end of the day an online casino bonus is a great opportunity to get free money to play online casino games with. But you need to be thoughtful about how you pick one.

Don’t get sucked in by the big and flashy bonuses that may never be possible to clear or cash out without losing most (or all) of your initial stake. There are some really generous casino bonuses out there to DO work to your advantage. Seek them out and have a blast playing on the casino’s dime!

Our online casino reviews definitely take bonuses and bonus payouts into their rankings but always be clear just what terms and conditions you’re agreeing to before signing up!

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