Offering Six-Figure Packages Is a Trend at Americas Cardroom!

Offering Six-Figure Packages Is a Trend at Americas Cardroom!

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One such that came from Americas Cardroom recently was of nosebleed levels! Given that, generally, packages worth a few thousand are well worth winning, it’s no surprise that a prize worth $100,000 attracted a lot of attention.

If you didn’t bother getting involved (perhaps because you think ‘it’s always someone else who wins these fantastic prizes’), then you missed out on a great chance...

It Could Have Been You…

Had you won one of these amazing prize packages, you would have been sent to Vietnam in March to take part in the Triton Super High Roller Series. This is the ultimate example of real money online poker providing chances to translate playing in online poker tournaments to a live poker tournament experience. In this case, the package included $100,000 for tournament buy-ins in the series, accommodation at a luxury hotel, airfare and - as is fitting at such a prestigious event - full VIP treatment.

ACR Team Pros Monika Zukowicz, Jeff Boski and Jon “apestyles” Van Fleet - who all earned a package through a poker competition on ACR – took part, while ACR Stormer Mark “Weazel” Rubbathan also earned his spot through a separate competition.

Vietnam, of course, is a popular holiday destination famous for exotic scenery and rich culture, so it’s a dream venue for an international poker festival. By now you should be inspired to in future go for glory when presented with this kind of promotion, not least because poker is unique in making big time events accessible to everyday players.

To see what kind of experience you could have thanks to this ambitious online poker operator, you can watch a special video catalogue of the players’ adventures via the Americas Cardroom YouTube channel.

High Stakes Adventure Vietnam.

Note that the High Stakes Adventure: Vietnam is not a unique promo for ACR! More players qualified for this month’s Mediterranean life-changing experience in the form of the High Stakes Adventure: Cyprus which, again, was a no-brainer for any poker fan with even a hint of ambition.

Keep your eyes peeled for more enormous packages to be won at ACR... Good luck at the tables, and have fun!

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