Nitsche Flashes Dominance Again Over 888poker Weekend

dominik nitsche 1
Can't. Stop. Winning.

When we talked to Dominik Nitsche a couple of years ago at EPT San Remo, he still thought he "sucked" at poker.

He just felt he was 'a little less bad' than everyone else.

Fast forward a few years and it's pretty clear that gulf still exists between Nitsche and the rest of the poker tournament world.

With over $10m combined live and online earnings - and 3 WSOP bracelets - he just doesn't stop winning at poker, regardless of format.

The 888poker Team Pro did it again this past weekend with two major final tables and one win in the $215 888poker Octopus. We caught up with him for a quick report.

PokerListings: Why did you decide to sign up for this tournament? What’s special about it? What is the deepest run for you in this tourney?

Dominik Nitsche
Just a spontaneous Saturday win.

Dominik Nitsche: I only signed up because I was playing cash games at the same time.

Usually I don't play tournaments on Saturdays but I decided to give this one a go when it looked like my cash games were going to go on for a while.

I also played the $160 Crocodile which is one of my favorite tournaments as well. I ended up finishing 8th in that one, too.

The Octopus is special because it has a far deeper structure than your average online tournament. It's also played 8-handed unlike most other tournaments. 

I don't think I have ever cashed this tournament before so winning it was really sweet.

PL: What was the biggest hand of the tourney?

DN: Well I'd have to say it was the one time I was all in with 66 against 88 near the money. A guy raised from middle position and I re-shoved on him for 20bb.

I ended up hitting a 6 on the river to save my tournament life and go on to win.

And then of course there was the biggest pot of the tournament where I opened J8 from the button and the big blind calls. The flop comes J 8 7

We bet and our opponent decides to raise. I call of course. The turn is an 8 giving me a full house. Our opponent continues to bet and we just call again hoping for him to keep betting on the river.

The river is a blank and our opponent decides to go all in with Qs6o. He had a pure bluff. This pot allowed me to scoop the chip lead 3-handed and the tournament was basically over at that point :)

PL: How was the competition in The Octopus?

dominik nitsche
Next up: Florida.

DN: I think people played OK in general. The Octopus is a tournament with many satellite qualifiers and not very many pros. So you could say that the field was a bit softer than expected.

I felt in control throughout the whole tournament and don't think I was ever put into a really tough spot. I also had a lot of good cards so that helped as well.

PL: Where are we going to see you next?

DN: Next for me is a week of online poker. Probably cash games on 888 and then I will head to Florida at some point to compete in the WPT Final as well as the Tournament of Champions.

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