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Polish Poker Days Under Way at Full Speed

Polish Poker Days Under Way at Full Speed

It’s time for the Polish Poker Days in Bratislava at the Banco Casino. Last edition was a great success and this time they will be trying to top that massive field of 3,630 players. It looks like the Poles will arrive a bit later in the week as it looks now it's like a Porsche. Speeding up slowly, but when its finally going, it goes like a beast. The Polish Poker Days will last for 10 days straight and has an amazing amount of nine starting flights, with a 200.000 Guaranteed Prize Pool.

Day 1A

The day counted 73 registrations in total, of whom 7 players advanced to the second day, behind held upcoming Saturday. It was Ioannis Nanos who bagged the chiplead with 792,000 chips, soon followed by Andreas Roll with 659,000 in chips.

Stacks with blinds 6,000/12,000, 12,000 big blind ante:

  1. Ioannis Nanos 792,000
  2. Andreas Roll 659,000
  3. Michal Nanos 585,000
  4. Sime Nakikj 452,000
  5. Jovana Keljacki 206,000
  6. Tomas Martini 186,000
  7. Stefan Hulin 39,000

Day 1B

The second starting day attracted a stunning 168 entrants, of which 17 players would advance to the second day. Every starting day, roughly 10% of the field will advance and will already secure a min-cash as well. It was Lukas Matusky with a massive 922,000 chips, bagging for the overall chiplead. With a big gap to the second placed Pavol Melichar (688,000), and Alin Chirila (579,000) it is safe to say that Lukas did his very best at Day 1B.

Stacks with blinds 6,000/12,000, 12,000 big blind ante:

  1. Lukas Matusky 922.000
  2. Pavol Melichar 688,000
  3. Alin Chirila 579.000
  4. Andria Pop 569,000
  5. Jakub Machak 493.000
  6. Marius Rusu 414.000
  7. Jan Belaj 382.000
  8. Oliver Mihajlovski 380.000
  9. Walter Szwarzinger 380.000
  10. Peter Maric 376.000
  11. Miroslav Janek 324,000
  12. Quanshe Gao 303,000
  13. Dawid Drobiński 289,000
  14. Miroslav Biznar 240,000
  15. Michał Rutkowski 146,000
  16. Damian Siewert 131,000
  17. Ihar Khursin 104,000

Day 1C is currently ongoing and has already 195 entrants. At 23:00 CET today, day 1D will kick off. Tomorrow there will be two tournament starting flights as well, and Friday event three starting flights! We took notice from the fact that many Poles will arrive tomorrow in Bratislava, which is promised to be an absolute mayhem!

Polish Poker Days Schedule.

Missing the Boat?

Can’t you make it this week to Bratislava? Do not worry at all, Banco Casino is the home of many festivals and the next upcoming event is the Cyprus Series Of Poker, starting directly after the Polish Poker Days! With another nine starting days, it is certain that all staff and floor managers of Banco Casino have to be well rested up to make this a fantastic show like they always do. You want to get excited already? Check the following teaser:

You want to know what’s all on the agenda next week? Hereby the full guide:

Schedule for Cyprus Series of Poker.

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