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PokerListings Championship Coming to the UK

PokerListings Championship Coming to the UK

As The Festival Series approaches, the excitement should build for one of the best value tournaments on the schedule.

The PokerListings Championship will be the one tournament that is open to most bankrolls and provides a great ROI for the Champion, due to the amazing value and the field of players looking to enjoy the Festival atmosphere.

The PokerListings Championship Multi-Day Structure

On the schedule, there are not many more enjoyable tournaments than the No-Limit Texas Hold’em format of the PokerListings Championship, which will be able to host huge fields due to it being held in the famous UK poker venue, the Dusk Till Dawn poker room.

Dusk Till Dawn has worked with PokerListings to extend the amount of Day 1s running, giving players even more opportunities to fire bullets and run up a stack, giving you an even higher chance of taking it down and getting your hands on the PokerListings Championship trophy.

Previous PokerListings Champions

We have already seen players maneuver their way through the tough field that the Championship event brings - in 2021 in Bratislava, Geraint JJ Hazan managed to scoop €7,375 after he crushed the 194-player field at Casino Banco.

In June 2022 the field grew in size, with 252 registrants going into the Olympic Casino with their eyes on the top prize. In the end, Kalle Ly and Antony Jay Kauzloric chopped up €10,736 for a hefty payday.

Last but not least, we recently saw Manuel Blaschke cruise to the 1st place podium finish and collect €7,335. Keep in mind, we expect this PokerListings Championship to smash the numbers with entries, with the field and prizepools seemingly on the way to being record-breaking for the Festival Series.

When is The PokerListings Championship?

From January 13 to 19, The Festival Series will incorporate three Day 1s starting from Day 1A on Sunday, February 12, with the final day happening on Wednesday, February 15. These additional Day 1s are going to make this a can’t-miss tournament on the Festival Series schedule.

PokerListings Unique Qualifiers

11.01.2023PokerListings Unique QualifierGGPoker
12.01.2023PokerListings Unique Qualifierpartypoker
18.01.2023PokerListings Unique QualifierGGPoker
19.01.2023PokerListings Unique Qualifierpartypoker
25.01.2023PokerListings Unique QualifierGGPoker
26.01.2023PokerListings Unique Qualifierpartypoker
01.02.2023PokerListings Unique QualifierGGPoker
02.02.2023PokerListings Unique Qualifierpartypoker
08.02.2023PokerListings Unique QualifierGGPoker
09.02.2023PokerListings Unique Qualifierpartypoker

PokerListings Unique Package includes:

  • Hotel 3 nights in Nottingham for 2 persons (check-in: 13.02.2023, check-out: 16.02.203).
  • All breakfasts included.
  • A buy-in to day 1C of the PokerListings Championship in Nottingham, England, UK.

How to Win a Huge Field Live Poker Tournament?

You may be feeling a bit unnerved about going into a huge field tournament like the PokerListings Championship, but have no fear! We have put together some simple tips for you to come down to Nottingham, shake off the nerves and have some fun playing No-Limit Texas Hold’em.

Here are our top tips for navigating a huge field live poker tournament:

1. Remember The Blinds

So often you see players unnecessarily stacking off early in a tournament when they are 300+ big blinds deep - this structure allows you to take your time and be patient. So remember how many big blinds you have before you do anything too crazy!

2. Do Not Get Nervous Around The Money

A lot of rusty or inexperienced poker players might get nervous the closer to the money they get. Try to forget this and just make the best decision you can. There is no need to be overly tight as other players will likely be as nervous if not more - a great time to exploit!

3. Pay Attention

A lot of new poker players will fail to pay attention to the action or what the dealer says, this can lead to mistakes and lost chips. You should always pay attention, ask the dealer if you are unsure, and take your time with your actions.

To get the full schedule on The Festival Series in Nottingham, or for any other queries, visit thefestival.com.

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