Day 1c of The Festival in Tallinn Attracts 250 Entries

Day 1c of The Festival in Tallinn Attracts 250 Entries

As was to be expected, Day 1c of The Festival in Tallinn proved to be the biggest of the starting flights with 250 entries overall. This brings the field up to 431 entries with late entries and re-entries open not only throughout the turbo Day 1d flight taking place tonight but also the first two blind levels of Friday's Day 2.

After 10 action-packed levels, 88 players bagged chips with Gregory Bregy taking the overall lead after the first of four starting flights. Other players with plenty of chips are Sweden’s Sven-Ake Willix, Pal Oygarden and Meelis Meliste.

Those are the top stacks of Day 1c:

Gregory Bregy209,100131
Sven-Ake Willix195,300122
Pal Oygarden175,300110
Meelis Meliste171,000107
Jyri Merivirta170,700107
Jere Keitaanranta161,100101
Aleksei Gontsar157,60099
Maria Ling152,20095
Roland Kivi150,40094
Terje Sirnes149,90094

Playing For a Good Cause

Oskar Engvall
Oskar Engvall

Of course, The Festival is about Poker and Blackjack and Roulette – but it’s also about fun and meeting friends. For some of the players, it’s also for a good cause. Yesterday’s Charity Event, won by Frode Fagerli was an entire tournament dedicated to good causes.

In the Main Event, Oskar Engvall is also playing for a good cause. He has pledged to donate half of his winnings to the Swedish Breast Cancer Foundation. There is an unfortunate reason for this donation. His sister, who is the wife of one of our colleagues is suffering from terminal breast cancer. Engvall bagged almost 60k chips and has decent chances of making a deep run tomorrow.

H.O.R.S.E. and Half & Half

While the Main Event was the biggest tournament today, several side events ran alongside. For lovers of mixed game variants, a H.O.R.S.E. tournament with a buy-in of €250 ran and attracted 64 players. Another semi-mixed event started in the afternoon, the Half & Half which was Omaha and Texas Hold’em mixed together. This €110 event attracted 113 runners, playing for almost €11,000.

During the breaks of the Main Event, the tournament organized Flip and Go tournaments for various tournament tickets, including two $1,050 High Roller tickets.

Flip tournament
Flip tournament action in the hallway

Other side events running were the Blackjack and Roulette Tournaments – both of which played their Day 2.

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Tomorrow’s Program

This night the Day 1d turbo flight will finish and the players from all flights will join together to play Day 2 of the main event tomorrow at noon. The tournament is far away from the money though as the first two levels tomorrow will allow re-entries for all aficionados of start stack poker.

Other events to start tomorrow are the Open Face Chinese, the €1,050 Texas Hold’em High Roller, and the Slots Tournament which is the third and final casino tournament of The Festival.

You can follow all the action over at and read up on our daily recaps here.

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