New sidegame at GGPoker: Bet on Flop

New sidegame at GGPoker: Bet on Flop

GGPoker has introduced a new feature for its cash games: Betting on the Flop. In Texas Hold'em, players can now bet on what the flop will look like before it is dealt.

Between 1 and 100 big blinds can be bet and payouts of up to 16,700 big blinds are theoretically possible. Players can bet on the colour of the flop (predominantly red or predominantly black), whether the flop has a pair, whether the flop shows a flush, straight or straight flush and whether the flop shows trips.

Bet on Flop Payouts

These are the possible payouts:

More Red0.75 : 12 or 3 red cards (hearts or diamonds)92.86%
More Black0.75 : 12 or 3 black cards (spades or clubs)92.86%
Pair3.4 : 1Exactly 2 cards of the same rank75.43%
Flush15.5 : 13 cards that make a flush (or no straight)82.58%
Straight24 : 13 cards that make a straight (and not a flush)84.69%
Trips / Straight Flush167 : 13 cards that make a straight flush or 3 cards of the same rank78.86%

(*) RTP means "Return to Player" and indicates what percentage of the stake is statistically paid out in the long run.

Other Bet on Flop game rules

  • Only players dealt into the hand can bet.
  • Betting is allowed until the flop is dealt.
  • If the hand ends before the flop, the bet is carried over to the next hand.
  • If the next round does not start immediately because a player sits out or leaves the table, the bets are cancelled.
  • Bets between 1 and 100 big blinds are possible.
  • Bets are settled at the end of the hand.
  • Bets can be cancelled if the balance is too low.

Is it worth to play Bet on Flop at GGPoker?

The RTP values (see table above) of all bets are very poor. Not a single bet is a constitutes an even remotely fair play proposition. Especially the bets on pairs and straight flushes/trips are like lighting money on fire.

It's best for your bankroll, to never click the bet on flop button at all. However, weak players in particular are likely to care little about odds and RTP and will probably happily use this new feature if they have "a feel" for the next flop. The bottom line is that the Bet on Flop feature at GGPoker will ensure that more money is spent in side games and less money remains on the poker table. Unfortunately, this will make the cash games less attractive for serious players.

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