New Chest-Based PokerStars Rewards Program Set for Release

Are you ready to crack open some virtual chests?

PokerStars is hoping the answer is yes because its new chest-based rewards program is set to go live world-wide today.

The rewards program rolled out first in Denmark and Italy where over 1,000,000 chests have been opened with over 150 instant $1,000 prizes.

Denmark and Italy

Breaking Down Chest Rewards

There are a wide range of prizes that can be won from chests including some personalized ones.

Some of the top-end prizes include $1,000 in cash, 1,000,000 StarsCoin or packages to PokerStars Championship live events.

cash money

On the other hand personalized rewards will include tournament tickets that reflect your gameplay. For instance if you’re a sports bettor or casino player then you’ll occasionally win tickets to those platforms.

The more chests you open the better chance you’ll have at winning some of the big prizes.

You can also speed up the rate you generate chests, however, by equipping a boost. Having a boost active let players turbo-charge their earn-rate up to twice the normal rate.

There is no cap on how many chests you can earn in a single day. Once you open at least four chests you will actually be upgraded to the next level of chests, which offer even bigger rewards.

There are actually six tiers of chests including Red, Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold andPlatinum with different rewards for each one.

You can open chests as soon as you acquire them or let them stack up and open them all at once.

StarsCoin Sticks Around

Despite the new chests, StarsCoin will be sticking around and players will still be able to earn them at the tables by generating rewards points (previously known as VPP).

In addition all the existing rewards for StarsCoin, such as cash or tournament tickets, will still be available in the Rewards Store. The Rewards Store can be accessed through MyStars.

It’s worth noting that you have six months to use StarsCoin from the last day you earned any rewards points. That expiration date is not new and it was the same before the rollout of the new rewards program and chests.

To learn more or sign up for an account yourself and chase those chests you can always check out our PokerStars review.

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