Negreanu Backs Ivey, Says Tiltware Release 'Low Class'

Daniel Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu

It’s been two days since Phil Ivey released his controversial statement about Tiltware and fellow poker pros are starting to weigh in and pick sides.

In his statement Ivey took Tiltware LLC, Full Tilt Poker's software company, to task for its inactivity and indecision in returning player funds post-Black Friday.

Ivey went so far as to say he’s skipping the entire 2011 WSOP because U.S. players have not received their money yet.

Canadian Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu was impressed by the way Ivey played his hand.

“I admire that he’s willing to give up something like the WSOP, that I know is so important to him, for what he thinks is principally right,” said Negreanu.

Even two-time WSOP bracelet winner and current Full Tilt pro Eric Froehlich had to give Ivey his due.

“He’s making a stand for his own personal reasons and the benefit of other people and I think it’s a good thing,” he said.

“I think in a lot of ways he’s standing up for himself and the issues he’s having to deal with. Him taking that stance is really strong.”

“I couldn’t walk these halls with a patch on for a company that is keeping people on the rail” - Negreanu

Yesterday Tiltware responded to Ivey by sending an email to media outlets that called the 8-time WSOP bracelet winner's lawsuit “… frivolous and self-serving.”

The statement went on to say that Ivey owed the company money and had declined to take action that would assist players in getting their money back.

Negreanu had his own thoughts on Tiltware’s statement:

“It’s interesting that Tiltware released a statement about Ivey being selfish but they had a month to release a statement about funds,” he said.

“The [Tiltware] statement was shocking to me how low class it was. It wasn’t that surprising but it is really low class the way they are handling it.”

When asked if he would take the same stance if he were in Ivey’s position, Negreanu said he would.

“I couldn’t walk these halls with a patch on for a company that is keeping people on the rail,” he said. “I could never do that.”

Robl Calls Ivey Statement "Self-Serving"

Not everyone is on Ivey’s side however.

Andrew Robl, for one, posted a lengthy personal blog about how he thought it was the wrong move at the wrong time.

“Phil Ivey’s statement was solely self-serving,” he wrote. “He is trying to cover his own ass and unassociate himself with Full Tilt’s current legal situation/non-paying of players.

"Phil Ivey is one of the primary equity holders of Full Tilt and has profited off their business more than almost anyone.”

Robl went on to say that if Ivey really wanted to help players get their cash back he would return the millions he has made from the company to players, as Tom Dwan has pledged to do if the site fails to pay them back.

Instead Robl says that Ivey’s statement dramatically hurt Full Tilt’s reputation and brand at a critical moment.

He remained confident, however, that Full Tilt would eventually be able to pay its players back.

After four days of play at the 2011 WSOP one thing is clear:

Ivey, despite his absence, is going to have a huge impact on the entire summer as players continue to buzz about his potentially industry-changing statement.

The 2011 WSOP continues through July 19. For comprehensive coverage live from Las Vegas be sure to check PokerListings’ Live Updates and News.

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Proform Pete 2011-06-27 20:32:39

I think it's cool the Phil Ivey is willing to make a stand for something he believes in.. I would like to see him make a deep run into this years WSOP tho.. Oh well, theres always next year!

flufgoestheweasel 2011-06-07 21:38:24

FT reckons they never segregated (ringfenced) players money, so when assets were seized the players money was taken along with it. Cant understand why FT being One of the top sites along with PS could make this mistake? Its the same as many finantial trading companies where they have investors funds in a seperate account to protect them. The guys running FT are either extremely stupid or very cunning and have profited in someway by this. Something is not quite right about this and FT have lost their credibility big time. Only time will tell what is to become of FT and the characters running it, also not forgeting the trusting poker players who grinded their arses off and ended up loosing their well earned money.

orvwiz 2011-06-06 19:23:58

I do not understand why Pokerstars returned everyone's money right away and Full Tilt is still holding out. If and when online poker is legalized in the US, I hope everyone remembers which site acted honestly and professkonally.

Scotty 2011-06-06 16:56:09

Ivey is covering his back ... Robl trying to get a sponsorship on a site with no money and that can't operate in the US?!

louislane 2011-06-05 12:03:24

It does not matter what our views are or the likes of phil ivey.. the courts WILL decide who is guilty in THEIR eyes and will decide what punishment will be dished out. Assets taken, imprisonment or perhaps a big fine and their up and running again. Lets just hope the players who trusted ft get their money the eyes of the poker community this is what its all about. who cares what ivey, negraneanu or titware think or say... the powers that be will decide!

Vincent 2011-06-05 05:24:39

Andrew Robl.....really?? No one really cares what YOU think anyway. game?" Your a little too full of yourself. FTP is not paying anyone, and will file for bankruptcy & pay no one. Their executives will end up in U.S. Federal Prison for a very long time...and you want to call out Phil Ivey?!? I wouldn't throw rocks from a glass my friend.

Annie Nonemous 2011-06-04 19:41:41

@ Chris

Lets for the sake of argument assume your points are all valid (they aren't, but lets assume) ...

- PokerStars has begun paying it's US based customers, FTP has NOT

- PokerStars is licensed and regulated by a European entity with more than arms length relationship and not an organization that has no standing set-up by the very people who run the servers/software

- PokerStars keep it's players money and corporate operating funds separate and distinct, FTP apparently did NOT

- Ivey has more class and integrity in his pinky than many of these other FTP pro/owners have combined

Chris 2011-06-04 15:28:48 assesment on class coming from Daniel Negreanu. This is the guy that called Annie Duke a c*@t in an interview last year. He also is with Pokerstars which is rumored to be prompting Ivey to endorse them. Remember that Phil Ivey is a majority owner of Full Tilt and has made TENS of MILLIONS of dollars from FT. If you want to ask someone for money until FT gets the funds unfrozen the pious Phil Ivey should be the first one you ask. Phil Ivey's lawsuit mentions no one but himself. Three of the six grievances reference his angst over Full Tilt not releasing him from his non-compete agreement! Did Phil Ivey make a statement saying "as a part owner" friends..very strategic he sues Tiltware and not Full Tilt. Please do some research and you will see that Phil Ivey is a great poker player but a coward and poor excuse for a decent human being!

Annie Nonemous 2011-06-04 06:12:51

@ IWantMyMoney

You do understand you've just issued a threat on the health & safety of these people and their families in a public forum right?

You do understand your IP address has been logged and can be used to locate you by the police in very quick order right?

You do understand you may now need your "life savings" for legal fees right?

And, finally, you do understand how utterly stupid it would be if you actually had your "life savings" tied up in an online poker site right? Assuming of course your life savings are a bit north of the cost of a new HDTV.

IWantMyMoney 2011-06-04 03:12:31

They better get me money before inflation destroys it all, or it's the same as returning less than the whole amount...I'm not stupid, I know what monetizing debt it, and they are doing it the longer they take.

Howard, Jesus, Phil, all the under-the-table owners of FTP will NEVER be safe at a WSOP again if they don't return our life savings in this 2nd Great Depression. And if they think fleeing to another country saves them, they are horribly mistaken. We will follow you guys wherever, and everyone and anything you care about will be free game. Pay up fast you Pyramid Scheme running scam artists, or pay dearly.

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