Basketball & NBA Betting

For Beginner

Even if you’ve never bet on any sport in your life, you’ve no doubt watch the fast-paced action of pro basketball NBA games. Perhaps you’ve watched people play basketball in the park and wondered how betting on this exciting sport really works?

According to sports betting experts, basketball NBA is second only to soccer in popularity all over the world. Consequently, there are thousands of highly lucrative betting markets available from leading sports betting websites. Virtually all of the sports betting providers that we recommend feature the hottest basketball betting action available.

Find out how you can start betting on basketball as well as on the NBA (National Basketball Association) today with our full guide to basketball betting. Learn how to incorporate the most effective and most popular basketball betting strategies to maximise your wins, right now!

Basketball & NBA Quick-Facts

  • Basketball is second only to soccer in popularity.
  • NBA features huge exciting markets for both season and off-season.
  • Spread Bets and Over/Under bets are most popular.
  • Excellent sport for live betting markets.
  • All good sports betting providers will feature basketball prominently.

Basketball & NBA Betting Breakdown

NBA Betting

Basketball is a high-paced and fast-moving sport where virtually anything can happen on the day. Points are scored at high speed, and basketball NBA teams can rack up huge scores very quickly. These and other factors make it ideal for sports bettors that enjoy a challenging and dynamic betting environment, especially if live betting markets are preferred.

Basketball is played all over the world and there are many leagues worth betting on in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. The United States especially, with its renowned NBA basketball league is arguably the best of the best.

Getting into basketball betting is very easy to do and, with just a little bit of knowledge regarding the best betting strategies for basketball, you can make substantial profits. Whether you choose to get your feet wet with college basketball leagues from around the world, or you prefer diving into major league basketball, we break down the most essential basketball bets and sports strategies right here.

Over/Under Bets – Accuracy on the Basket Counts on the Day

If you’ve ever watched an intense basketball game, you may have been surprised to see just how many points can get racked up by both teams during the game. Basketball NBA scores can sky rocket very quickly, which makes it the ideal game for the over/under betting option.

Basketball is a game where defence and offence are of equal value. After all, your team can be great at offence, attacking their opponent’s basket relentlessly but, if their defence is weak, they will be vulnerable to counter attack and still lose on the day.

With so much dynamic interplay involved in the game of basketball, making the call for an outright winner can often be very difficult. However, the ebb and flow of points scored can often be ideal for predicting whether a given game will end over a certain total or be under it.

This is why you will often find the over/under betting option in every serious basketball bettor’s betting strategy. The flexibility of the over – under bet means that, if two defensive teams are competing, the low scoring game can be covered. By the same token, two high scoring teams may push the final total over the given line, making the over bet a good option.

Betting Against the Favourites in the First Quarter

Here’s something interesting that is worth considering, and a sports strategy often favoured by those with experience.

In most sports where teams compete against each other, you’ll inevitably have stronger teams and weaker teams, known in sports betting as favourites and underdogs. The same goes for basketball – with an exception.

Since the game of basketball is a game divided into four quarters, and their many games occurring over a season, coaches will often not start the game (first quarter) with their strongest players. A standard tactic is to save the best players for an appearance in the second quarter and, perhaps if needed, again in the fourth quarter, to help drive home the win.

This gives sports bettors the opportunity to try a very interesting option in basketball and NBA betting strategies, betting against the favourites in the first quarter. Since the favourites will more than likely not start with their strongest players, it gives the underdogs a chance to score early or pick up an early lead. This is a great strategy for quarter by quarter betting.

Looking at the Handicap – Underdogs or Favourite Picks?

Handicap betting is becoming more and more popular in basketball as teams from the bottom of the table go head to head with teams at the top. Weaker teams need all the help they can get, and bookies will give them a starting points advantage as the underdogs. Conversely, favourites will start with a handicap but with higher odds as a trade-off.

Basketball & NBA FAQ

  • Is basketball good for live betting?

    Absolutely! Basketball & NBA is one of the most dynamic of all competitive sports. A lot can change within a single quarter, which makes basketball one of the most exciting sports to bet on live. Take advantage of unfolding events by using a solid basketball betting strategy such as the elements described in this guide.
  • What are the best basketball betting options to go with?

    It all depends on what aspect of the game you are focusing on. The betting options covered in our basketball betting guide cover a lot of ground and can be adapted to almost any basketball game. Over/Under bets, handicaps and point spreads are just a few of the great basketball options available at most good sports betting sites.
  • Which sportsbooks are the best for basketball betting?

    We provide a solid and always up to date list of the best sports betting providers for basketball and NBA as well as many other sports. Be sure to read our in-depth reviews before making your choice.

Final Thoughts on Basketball & NBA

If you are looking for a sports betting opportunity where anything can happen on the day, and the betting options flow fast and free, basketball & NBA betting might be your ideal market. Basketball offers many great opportunities to make a profit, with some of the best live betting action you’re ever going to see. Why not try out some of your own basketball betting, using our guide to basketball betting at one of our recommended sportsbooks right now?