Motorsport Betting

For Beginner
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If you are looking for a challenging betting experience that takes place at break neck speeds, motorsport betting might be just for you. Most top betting providers will offer a vast range of motorsport betting opportunities across hundreds of markets. Whether you love the cross-country challenges presented by rally cars and dirt bikes, or the hi-tech, cutting edge racing arenas of Formula 1, motorsport betting features great winning opportunities, interesting sport strategies and much more.

If you are new to betting on sports online, or an experienced bettor looking for new and exciting markets, our informative and easy guide to motorsport betting is sure to get you firing on all cylinders! We take a closer look at some key bet strategies and share tips and tricks from the pros.

Motorsport Quick-Facts

  • Motorsport offers hundreds of betting markets over a wide range of motorsport disciplines.
  • Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport betting.
  • Motorsport betting features some of the highest odds available at sportsbooks.
  • Motorsport betting is highly dynamic, with new markets becoming available within seconds.
  • Great for live betting.

Motorsport – Essential Strategies and Bets

Motor racing focuses both on points scored as well as winners and finishing position. This is especially true with Formula 1, where you will find points scoring important as it specifically relates to both the driver’s championship as well as the team championship. Generally speaking, motor racing focuses on laps, distance, time, technical aspects, leaderboards and rounds.

Moto GP

Just how important each of these aspects are will depend on which type of motorsport you happen to be following and betting on. For example, with Formula 1, you might find plenty of markets dealing with who will win the next race, who will score the most points towards the championship, who will finish in the top 10 and so forth.

Other markets can include technical aspects such as refuelling strategies, team strategies, qualifying and pole positions and other interesting single bet and 2 way bets that your betting provider feels are pertinent to the motor racing event. A good place to start with your motorsport betting, is with the following betting strategies and tips.

Motorsport Betting Strategy #1 – Fastest Lap Betting

Here’s an interesting proposition for your motorsport betting strategy – what if the person that wins the race isn’t necessarily the fastest driver on the day? Many inexperienced motor racing bettors, as well as casual observers of the race, often make the mistake of thinking that the winner is the fastest person on the track, this isn’t necessarily true.

Lewis Hamilton formula one

In fact, quite often the fastest lap of the day might not even be from the best driver or the best car. So, why isn’t the winner of the race necessarily the fastest on the day? Quite simply, a common tactic of a race leader is to actually slow down strategically, both to preserve their tires, their position and their fuel. As long as they can ensure that second place does not out manoeuvre them for the top spot, they can win the race comfortably.

On the other hand, a racer further down the field will be giving it everything that they have got to try and catch up to the race leader. In so doing, they will often clock in much higher lap times (speeds) than the race leader, or even second and third positions. This is the perfect time to look at some outsiders (underdogs) who are not obvious favourites to win the race.

You may even be able to find some good double chance betting markets here, that allow you to put money on the favourite to win (usually the current champion). In addition to your primary bet, you can pick a driver who you think has what it takes to post the fastest lap of the race. These sorts of bets are also great for live betting as well as for qualifying rounds leading up to the main race.

Motorsport Betting Strategy # 2 – What About the Top 10?

WRC rallye

Motor racing is often distinguished by its high rate of attrition, both on the cars and engines, as well as the drivers themselves. This often results in disappointing or unpredictable finishes and, sometimes the favourite (or favourites) gets knocked out early.

However, top motor racing sports like Formula1 don’t just go by who wins the race. Sure, the winner gets all the accolades, the points and the champagne, but motorsport racing is a bit more complicated than that. While the first-place finisher will get the most points, there are points for finishing second, third and all the way up to tenth place. Focusing on the top ten finishers and the top drivers that are realistically able to fill those spots, can really open up your motorsport betting options. Finding markets that offer bets on which driver (or drivers) will finish within the top 10 or even in the top 6, may alleviate some of the pressure from just focusing on the number one winner spot.

Motorsport FAQ

  • What are the best betting options in motorsport betting?

    In all honesty, it all depends on what type of motorsport you plan on betting in. Formula 1 is massively popular and there are plenty of betting markets available over the course of a weekends racing. Other interesting motorsports to bet on include Indy Car racing, NASCAR, GT, rally car racing and many others.
  • Where do I find motorsport racing online?

    Finding great motorsport racing action online is quite easy. Most good sports betting providers will feature a wide range of motor racing action, depending on the season. A good way to get started is to simply pick one of our top recommended motorsport betting providers right here.
  • How risky is motorsport betting?

    Motorsport betting is not any riskier than any other form of sports betting online. As long as you factor in your risk assessment before betting on any particular market, you should be fine. In addition, motorsport is far more scientific than it was in the past, meaning that most drivers do finish races without too many incidents or accidents.

Final Thoughts on Motorsport Betting

Motorsport betting is a great option for anyone looking for a little more adrenaline with their betting. There are plenty of markets to choose from over a wide range of motor racing types and events. Motorsport betting is particular good for live betting fans, as there is plenty of drama that unfolds in any race which can be taken advantage of.