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More Reasons to Play At PokerStars

More Reasons to Play At PokerStars

There’s a reason why PokerStars - which has been around for over two decades - is considered by many to be the Big Daddy of real money poker online. Much of what we see across the industry was first pioneered or inspired by this ground-breaking poker room, and as the game evolves, so has PokerStars. This has been particularly noticeable in recent years as rival companies have sought to make up ground, and the battle to steer traffic inwardly has intensified.

Gone are the days of poker purists who frown upon anything other than traditional games – instead, it’s important to not only embrace new concepts but to tweak and improve on them, and poker is very special compared with most established sports and games in that it holds so much flexibility and room for manoeuvre.

Spin & Go

One such format that has seen quite a bit of jazzing up in recent years is the Sit & Go, and the PokerStars Spin & Go version is the recreational player’s dream game, paying out life-changing amounts for a modest outlay. This really is the universal poker game, and is one of many reasons to play at PokerStars. First and foremost, buy-ins start at a teeny weeny $0.25, but the major draw is the amounts that can be won. Even this buy-in could find you pocketing a cool $25,000.

There are buy-ins to suit all bankrolls, from newcomer hobbyists to highrollers, and it’s no surprise that the $5 game is so popular, given that the top prize can be $1,000,000! And you can strike it rich in minutes.  

How It Works

A Spin & Go is a 3-player Hyper-Turbo Sit & Go tournament with random prize pools that can range from twice the buy-in to the aforementioned $1M. You can select how many you’d like to play at once, and the games are available in both No Limit Texas Hold’em and Omaha formats. Once all three protagonists have registered, the prize pool is determined at random, and battle commences. It’s bankroll-friendly, player-friendly, great fun and has massive prizes up for grabs.

Bounty Builders

For those of you not familiar with Bounty (Knockout) tournaments (where have you been?), the simple concept involves collecting a reward (the bounty) for eliminating an opponent. The beauty of knockout tournaments is that we can win money without even needing to make the prizes. With the Bounty Builders series on PokerStars, the idea is taken to the next level because it uses the Progressive Knockout format which, in most cases, work as follows:

  • 50% of the buy-in goes to the prize pool
  • 50% of the buy-in funds a player’s initial bounty
  • 50% of the Bounty is progressive – this means that eliminating an opponent earns you half of their bounty, and the other half is added to your own bounty value. In this way, bounties increase as a tournament progresses, with more players being eliminated and bounties increasing accordingly.
Bounty Builders on PokerStars.

Bounty Builders run daily, and each features a guaranteed prize pool. And it’s worth noting that PokerStars tournaments are structured in such a way as to give players a ‘proper’ poker experience...

Hot Turbos

Hot Turbos at PokerStars are, as the name suggests, action-packed Turbo tournaments aimed at those players looking for maximum poker entertainment as well as tasty prize pools. Held every day of the week, Hot Turbos get even hotter on Sundays, with even bigger prize pools, and they’re even one of the games that PokerStars specially recommend playing on their mobile app.

Hot Turbo tournaments on PokerStars.

With the Turbo structure (where Blinds increase at a - considerably - faster pace than usual), recreational players with limited time for poker can get the best of both worlds, with guaranteed fast-paced play alongside big prize pool guarantees. Add to this that buy-ins range from micro to high stakes, and that there are also satellites available in the hours leading up to tournaments, and here’s yet another no-brainer reason to enjoy your favourite pastime at PokerStars...

If you’ve not yet joined PokerStars, it's easy to register and get a sign up bonus - then hit the tables and make the most of the latest offers...

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