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If you've ever looked at the bank of your bank card or the front of an ATM machine you're well familiar with the Maestro logo.

Founded all the way back in 1992 (and originally known as Switch in the UK), Maestro is an internationally-renowned debit card and pre-paid card service owned by credit card kingpin Mastercard.

Because of its top-rated security features and near-universal acceptance (around 15 million point-of-sale outlets worldwide) Maestro is the co-branding debit card of choice for hundreds of global banks and is especially common in Europe.

As you might guess, then, Maestro debit and pre-paid cards are accepted at most poker sites and are one of the quickest and most secure methods for poker players to get funds into their accounts.

It's also a great method for topping up third-party eWallets as they charge very minimal fees (if any) and fund transfer is extraordinarily quick. 

Advantages of Maestro Poker Sites

  • No fees for poker site deposits
  • Instant deposits to your poker account
  • Very secure and fast with top-level encryption and privacy
  • Easy to use for mobile deposits
  • No credit check required - simply funded from your own bank account
  • Can never spend more than what you have in your bank account

Maestro Poker FAQs

 How Do I Get a Maestro Card?

A Maestro card isn't a stand-alone card. A Maestro card is co-branded with your local bank, meaning you must ask your bank for a Maestro card connected to your account.

maestro poker deposit

If you live in Europe this is a very common card and most banks will have co-branded Maestro debit cards with a PIN number. You can then use the card with your pre-set 4- or 6-digit pin to withdraw cash at ATMs.

To make payments or purchases online and, of course, fund your online poker account or eWallet you'll need to use the card number, expiry date and 3-digit security number on the back of the card.

If you'd prefer a prepaid Maestro card you can get one from one of many issuers including banks, online or participating retailers

 How Long Does It Take to Get a Maestro Card?

If you've already set up a bank account you may even in fact already have a Maestro debit card. 

Many European banks use Maestro for their preferred debit card brand and your bank account was likely set up for one.

If you don't have a debit card you can easily get one for your account.

If you're looking for a pre-paid Maestro card you can get one immediately by paying cash at retail outlets or getting one issued from any bank.

 How Do I Make a Maestro Poker Deposit?

Of all the ways to deposit into your online poker account Maestro is definitely one of the easiest.

If you have already have an account at an online poker site and have a Maestro debit or pre-paid card, here's what you need to do:

  • Log in to your online poker account
  • Click through to the “cashier” or real-money page
  • Look for the Maestro label in deposit options menus.
  • Click the Maestro logo
  • Enter the amount you’d like to deposit. 
  • Fill in your required Maestro card details (note this is different from your credit card but still includes card #, expiry date and 3-digit security code)
  • Click “deposit" or submit

As Maestro cards are directly tied to your bank account, if you have the requested deposit funds in your account they will be credited to your poker account immediately and withdrawn from your bank balance immediately. There is no credit issued with a bill to pay later.

If you don't have the required funds in your bank account your deposit will not be accepted.

Make a Maestro Deposit on 888poker and Get Up to $888!

 Which Poker Sites Accept Maestro? 

As you can see in the toplist above (right), all of the major poker sites accept Maestro deposits. With the backing of Mastercard and banks all across the world the Maestro logo certifies safe, secure deposits with top-level protection for all online transactions.

No poker sites we've seen charge any fees for Maestro deposits but if you're depositing from out-of-country or making transactions via a bank other than your own you will be responsible for any fees.

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 Can I Use Maestro for Mobile Deposits to My Online Poker Account? 

maestro poker

Yep, no worries there. If your online poker site accepts Maestro deposits it should be no different to deposit via the mobile cashier. Your banking information will be shared with the poker site in question, though, so while you don't have to worry about the security of your information from the poker site's side you should be wary of using your Maestro card over shared wi-fi or open wi-fi networks.

Also never enter any of your details to anything other than the poker site cashier and keep your PIN number and or security code entirely private.

 Are There Any Downsides to Using Maestro?

The biggest downside to using a Maestro card for your poker deposits is you likely can't use the same card to process your withdrawals.

Most poker sites (if not all) do not provide Maestro withdrawals so you'll need to find another method.

That being said it's fairly easy to get your withdrawal in the form of a bank transfer directly back into your bank account but it will take around 5-10 business days to arrive.

 Is My Maestro Poker Deposit Secure?


There are few payment systems more safe and secure than Maestro. For online transactions MasterCard SecureCode also gives added protection.

Once you've registered your card at your bank you can set up a personal password only you know or a list of single-use passwords you can add when you use your card online. Then when you enter your Maestro number to deposit a secure window from your bank will appear.

Enter the SecureCode in the secure window and your financial institution will authenticate the transaction instantly.

With the added backing of Mastercard and its elite, 24/7 fraud detection and protection services you can be assured your Maestro deposit will get where it needs to go.

 Are There Deposit and Withdrawal Limits with Maestro?

If you're on a limited budget or just looking to dabble with a few microstakes cash games or tournaments Maestro is the perfect fit for you. Deposit minimums for Maestro can be as little as 5 Euro. Poker sites can have slightly higher deposit minimums but usually can be as low as 10 Euro.

As long as you have the money in your bank account you can likely deposit up to 50,000 or more into your poker account but for a transfer that big you'll likely want to contact the site's customer support to make sure there isn't a better method for you.

As for funding your third-party eWallet like Skrill or Neteller Maestro is also a great choice because you can keep deposits or top ups low and won't pay any fees (or minimal fees at worst).

 Can I Get a Maestro Online Poker Bonus?

Yes indeed. An online poker bonus isn't tied to the deposit method you use. The most important thing is to make sure you enter the correct or current poker bonus code. As long as the bonus is registered properly and you meet any playthrough requirements (cash games or tournaments you must play to unlock your bonus), it's all yours for the taking no matter how you deposit.

 Can I Use Maestro for a US Poker Deposit?

As Maestro is on the Mastercard network you can use it in the US where Mastercard is accepted in the US. However you can't use it for online transactions there. And you will also likely be exchanging your currency for US dollars you'll likely have to pay an exchange fee.

So if you're visiting, say, New Jersey or Nevada and want to play some online poker you'll need to either buy a pre-paid card usable in the US (which you can buy with your Maestro card) or get the cash and deposit at the casino itself (eg the Borgata) that has an online poker site.

A variety of poker payment methods are available to players visiting those 3 states so if you can't use your Maestro card to deposit directly at a poker site you most surely can find a way to shift the money to another payment option.

 Can I Use Maestro on PokerStars?

Yes, PokerStars accepts Maestro cards in many of its jurisdictions including and the new (India). Check your local PokerStars domain to see if Maestro is an option for you.

pokerstars final table


 Can I Use Maestro on 888poker or partypoker?

Yep, shouldn't be a problem but the same conditions apply as for PokerStars. It might depend on the country you live in, though. And remember any foreign currency exchanges will be charged a fee.

 How Many People Use Maestro?

Maestro has about 450 millions users so rest assured you're not the only one. It's one of the world's most safe and efficient online payment methods.

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