Ylva Thorsrud loses to Andreassen After 3-Bet

Level 27: 30k / 60k

Entries: 8 / 648

Ylva Thorsrud
Ylva Thorsrud

Andreassen raised from the CO with 9 9 to 160k. Behind him, Ylva Thorsrud re-raised with A 8 from the button to 280k. It was folded back to Andreassen and he called the mini-re-raise out of position.

Flop: J 8 6

It was checked to Ylva and with 710k in the middle, she bet 120k, leaving only 845k behind. Andreassen was not convinced and called.

Turn: 7

Andreassen now had a straight-flush draw with his pair and elected to check. Ylva checked behind.

River: 6

Now the action went check / check and Andreas took home this pot, leaving Ylva as the shortest stack at the table.

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