Ylämäki Still Composed, Manages to Lay Down Strong Hand

Level 31: 75k / 150k
Entries: 2 / 648 Entries

Mikko Ylämäki hasn't had much luck over the past hour and lost more than half of his stack in the heads-up. But he's still composed and can read his opponent well, despite having lost most of the hands against Mikk.

On the button Ylämäki found K Q and he raised to 350k. Mikk woke up with K K and made it 1.1M - a huge re-raise from the big blind.

Ylämäki, who hasn't seen his opponent see 3-bet at all in the past hour, managed to fold his only seemingly strong hand.

Mikk - 12M
Ylämäki - 7.6M

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