Wurtz is hitting the 5M chip mark

A player in early position opened up the party with a raise to 55,000, on which Wurtz in the SB, and Lambert in the BB decided to see a flop.

Flop: 8 10 9

Wurtz checked and Lambert put her remaining 355,000 into the middle. The original raiser folded instantly and Wurtz threw in a timebank card, before making the call with 8 7 . It was a logical call, when looking at the stack of Wurtz who is the dominating chipleader, but Lambert had flopped well with 9 6 for a Gut-shot straight-flush draw.

The turn however, gave a straight to Wurtz J , and with the river being a 2 , it was Game Over for Lambert. Wurtz is really in the commanding chiplead at the moment overall, with just 5 players left to bust to finish Day 1C here at the PokerListings Championships.

Kasper Wurtz 5,000,000
Wendy Lambert BUSTED

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