WSOP Bracelet Winner Sandvik Playing Blackjack

Level 16: 3,000/6,000 (6,000)
Entries: 185/1,271

WSOP Bracelet winner Espen Sandvik was unable to manage a run in the Main Event and is off playing Blackjack with his friend Terje Bremseth who also hit the rail today.

Sandvik fired seven bullets but it wasn't a lucky seven.

He shared that he got his last 44,000 in the middle with treys and was up against the deuces held by Morten Bremseth. If you recall Sandvik earlier in the tournament, he played two big hands with deuces.

This time, Sandvik hoped that the saying that "deuces never loses" wouldn't take place but a deuce spiked the river and all of his chips went over to Bremseth.

Meanwhile, The Festival Series' Karev Tralla is also on the rail. He shared that he lost a flip at the end with nine-seven against an underpair.

Best of luck to Sandvik and Tralla the rest of the way in side events.

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