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“What a Sweat”

Level 13: 1,000/2,500 (2,500)
Entries: 69/285

Oskar Ojaveer opened the button for 5,000 before Janne Nevalainen three-bet to 21,000 before Ojaveer four-bet jammed for 52,000. Nevalainen wasted no time in making the call and Ojaveer was at risk.

Oskar Ojaveer: A K
Janne Nevalainen: K 9

Nevalainen was behind but pulled ahead giving Ojaveer some worries he would hit the rail after the 8 10 9 flop. However, the Q turn and the J river improved Ojaveer to Broadway. So, instead of hitting the rail, he doubled his stack.

"What a sweat," Ojaveer said to the table with a big smile.

Meanwhile, during the next hand at the same table, Kimmo Kurko lost his short stack when his ace-five didn't get there against ace-nine.

Janne Nevalainen - 220,000
Oskar Ojaveer - 110,000
Kimmo Turko - 0

Oskar Ojaveer
Oskar Ojaveer

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