Wait, Wait, Can we Run it Twice?

Level 9 – 500/1,000 (1,000)

Entries: 192 / 387

Espen Ringstad
Espen Ringstad

Over at table 17 Espen Ringstad is enjoying a beer and is running almost god like. We just saw him take out Sturla Flataker in a huge preflop confrontation.

It all began with a player in middle position raising to 2,100. Sturla Flataker reraised behind him to 7,500. Ringstad moved forward a stack of blue 5k chips worth roughly 50k. After doing so he jokingly said "Oh no, I meant to use the 500 chips not the 5k chips". Flataker asked him, what he had. Ringstad looked at the dealer and then said: "Some Kings".

Flataker was not deterred and moved all-in for a total of 65k. Ringstad paid the remaining chips and the showdown proved he was truthful:

Sturla Flataker: A Q
Espen Ringstad: K K

Ringsted, who was active most of the day found the perfect hand in the perfect situation and just needed it to hold. He asked: "Wait, wait, can we run it twice?" They could not, but he also did not have to. The board ran out K 7 4 2 10 , sending this 130k pot his way.

Sturla Flataker - 0
Espen Ringstad - well over 250,000

With that hand we move into the last level of the day: 600 / 1,200

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