Viktor Wennersten Looses Short Stack Battle Against Ville Laasanen

Level 12: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)

Entries: 211 / 652

Over at Yuri's table, we witnessed a short stack battle between Viktor Wennersten and Ville Laasanen. Wennersten was all-in with A-4 against Laasanen's A-K. The better ace held as the board ran out A-J-3-6-2. Laasanen doubled up to roughly 40k and Wennersten was left with 300 chips.

He managed to win the next hand with Tens but was eliminated the hand after when he was caught with A-J in a battle between Queens and Kings (between Pasi Sallinen and Raymond Vilnes which Sallinen won with his Kings.

Ville Laasanen - 40,000
Viktor Wennersten - 0

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