Vieilletoile Folds His Ace to Manns

Level 1: 100/100
Entries: 207/208

The field has already grown to more than 200 entries. Erol Hamid, who we recently reported a hand about, lost the rest of his chips and was the first player out on Day 1d.

Meanwhile, over on Table 54, Jean-Pierre Vieilletoile had a decision to make. Sascha Manns jammed for 12,100 into a pot of around 20,000 with the 3 Q A 7 J on the board after the river. Vielletoile went into the tank and there was some table talk between the duo at this point.

Eventually, Vielletoile decided to fold but not before flashing to the table he laid down A for at least top pair.

Sascha Manns - 32,000
Jean-Pierre Vieilletoile - 15,000

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