Vegard Andreassen Eliminated in 5th Place (€15,260)

Level 28: 50,000/100,000 (100,000)

Entries: 4/848

Vegard Andreassen

Vegard Andreassen jammed for 2 million with 5 5 from under the gun. Kaido Mikk called from the cutoff with A J for more than half his stack.

A jack was out of the window on the J 8 8 flop. Things weren’t looking good for Andreassen with Mikk’s jack connecting the flop and they didn’t get any better after his fives got nowhere on the K turn and K river. 

Andreassen didn’t go home empty-handed as he will bank €15,260 for his fifth-place performance. The remaining four players are each guaranteed at least a €20,700 payout.

Kaido Mikk - 6 million

Vegard Andreassen - 0

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