Two Pair not Good Enough for Mirza

Level 13: 1,200 / 2,400 (2,000)

Entries: 188 / 652

Christian Arstad
Christian Arstad

A slightly annoying bad beat sent Masse Mirza to the rails. The local was in a hand against Christian Arstad and on an A-Q-4-6-turn Mirza moved all-in over Arstads bet.

Arstad felt pot committed and called. Showdown:

Masse Mirza: 6-4 for two pair
Christian Arstad: A-K for top pair

Mirza was ahead, but Arstad had some outs. One of those outs fell on the river as the dealer turned over another Ace.

Christian Arstad - 120,000
Masse Mirza - 0

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