Treys No Good for Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Level 15: 60K/120K (120K)
Entries: 64/450

Gergely Kulcsar opened for 400,000 from under the gun before Jose Manuel Gonzalez three-bet jammed for about about 20 big blinds from the big blind. Kulcsar made the quick call and the cards were turned over.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez: 3 3
Gergely Kulcsar: K K

Gonzalez bricked the 6 J 5 4 K board and was eliminated by Kulcsar with a set of cowboys. Shortly after, the blinds increased to 80K/160K as Level 15 was just a partial level. The remaining players also earned a pay jump with the top 64 players guaranteed at least a min-cash of €5,500

Gergely Kulcsar - 11.5 million
Jose Manuel Gonzelez - 0

65Jose Manuel Gonzalez€ 5,000
66Nicky Levene € 5,000
67Stevan Gvozdenovic € 5,000
68Taras Khilko € 5,000

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