Three Table Redraw after “MaximusBlack” Loses a Flip

Level 20: 200K/400K (400K)
Entries: 24/450

Over on the feature table, Jeffrey Johnston, also known as partypokerTV host "MaximusBlack" jammed for about 12 big blinds with big slick and didn't win a flip after Jelle Moene called with queens. Moene was on about 16 million in chips after the hand.

The action is on a short break while a three-table redraw is taking place. In the meantime, here is a look at those that cashed for €8,500. Players at the final three tables are each guaranteed at least a €9,700 payout.

                     25 Jeffrey Johnston € 8,500
                     26 Istvan Birizdo€ 8,500
                     27 Georgi Sandev€ 8,500
                     28 Ruslav Bratukhin€ 8,500

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