Thorsrud Wins With Force

Level 21: 8,000 / 16,000 (16,000)

Entries: 34 / 648

Ylva Thorsrud
Ylva Thorsrud

Keimo Suominen opened from early position to 35k (a bit more than 2 big blinds) and got no less than 3 callers including Ylva Thorsrud in the big blind. Flop: 9 6 2 . Suominen fired a 55k c-bet into this 155k pot. It was folded to Ylva who in turn moved all-in for a total of 147k. It took Suominen only a few seconds to fold his hand despite the fantastic pot odds.

Ylva Thorsrud - 370,000

Keimo Suominen - 520,000

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