“There is no bluff in that range!” – Or is There?

Level 18: 4,000/8,000 (8,000)

Entries: 80 / 652

Kaido Mikk
Kaido Mikk sees no bluffs or does he?

Kalle Mikkonen showed a strong bluff during the bubble. In a blind vs blind situation against Kaido Mikk. He raised the small blind and checked the 9 4 7 Flop. Mikk in the big blind called preflop and checked the flop behind.

Mikkonen bet 60k on the 5 turn and Mikk called. The 8 fell on the river and now Mikkonen slid out 150k. Mikk was flabbergasted and proclaimed: "No bluff! There is no bluff in that range!" Eventually, he folded.

Mikkonen turned over K J which - in our opinion - looks like a pretty ballsy bluff in that situation.

Kalle Mikkonen - 600k
Kaido Mikk - 120k

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