The partypoker MILLIONS Europe Main Event Day 2 Kicks Off at 1 p.m.

Ramon Colillas
Day 1 Chip Leader Ramon Colillas

Welcome to the penultimate day of the partypoker MILLIONS Europe Main Event at Casino Barcelona.

The event attracted 450 entries from both Online Day 1's at partypoker and live opening flights with 67 players finding bags into Day 2. The prize pool reached a whopping €1,310,350 with the full payouts to be announced later today. All players advancing to Day 2 are already in the money for at least a min-cash of €5,000.

The structure is deeper on Day 2 than on the opening flights for two major reasons. First, blind levels will be pushed back to 60,000/120,000 with a big blind ante of 120,000 as this was the earliest one of the online flights finished. Second, the blind levels will increase every 50 minutes instead of every 40 minutes as was the case during the live opening flights.

Day 2 Top 10 Chip Counts

Ramon Colillas bagged the overall chip lead last night and will kick off the action with a massive stack of 18,245,000. Luuk Gieles, Vitalijs Korhs, Ermanno Di Nicola, and Georgi Sandev.

Meanwhile, partypoker ambassador Matt Staples also cracked the top 10 after a nice run yesterday in the turbo-charged Day 1d.

1Ramon Colillas       18,245,000 152
2Luuk Gieles        17,170,000 143
3Vitalijis Korhs        15,500,000 129
4Ermanno Di Nicola        14,320,000 119
5Georgi Sandev        13,770,000 115
6Gabriele Re        12,230,000 102
7Renato Mello       11,890,000 99
8Alex Lynskey        11,685,000 97
9Daniel Smyth       11,495,000 96
10Matthew Staples        11,430,000 95

Cards are scheduled to be in the air at 1 p.m. CEST. Stay tuned at PokerListings as we bring you the action to your home of the partypoker MILLIONS Europe Main Event.

Matt Staples
Matt Staples

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