The Heads Up has been decided – Jacques Blit takes it!

With the blinds on 800k/1600k, Blit opened up the action and Favaloro decided to make the call. With the flop coming 2 Q 4 , it was Blit who lead the action once again with a raise, which got called as well by Favaloro. The 8 on the turn made Blit fire again, and again got called by the Italian. The 7 on the river was the sign for Blit to go All-In on the river to try and finish the heads-up match, Favaloro thought for a while and then made the hero-call, which didn't turn out well as Blit had nicely top-pair, top-kicker.

Blit showed the winning hand on the showdown with A Q , while Favaloro only could show J 2 for a missed flush draw and bottom-pair.

Jacques Blit

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