Tamm Eliminates Aaltonen

Level 15: 2,000/4,000 (4,000)

Entries: 136/652

Tapio Aaltonen
Tapio Aaltonen

Tapio Aaltonen had about 40 big blinds but is now on the rail. He shared with us he lost a bulk of his stack when a player jammed 18 big blinds with kings and he called with jacks.

Aaltonen then jammed nine big blinds shortly after with fours. Taago Tamm called with sevens and flopped a full house sevens over fives. No runner-runner quads or straight flush came. Aaltonen is now chatting with friends on the rail and he is now thinking of entering the two-day $440 NLHE event scheduled to start in about an hour.

Taago Tamm - 100,000

Tapio Aaltonen - 0

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